Week 2: Favorite Characters from Books, TV, Movies, and Games

This week's list is a bit tough, so I decided to pick my top character from 5 categories:

  • Book Character- Thursday Next (Thursday Next Series by Jasper Fforde)
    • Thursday has my dream jobs, both in SpecOps 27 as a Literary Detective, and Jurisfiction, the jurisdiction that polices fiction. 
  • Video Game Character- a tie between Lara Croft (Tomb Raider); Cammy (Super Street Fighter II); and Villager (Animal Crossing). 
    • I could NEVER choose one. #SorryNotSorry
    • Lara- ARCHEOLOGY!!!
    • Cammy- The first fighter I "mastered" in the game lol
    • Villager-Animal Crossing FOREVER!!!
  • TV character- Buffy (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
    • This took some serious thinking, but, I can always go back to Sunnydale. Buffy was a lot of things I wanted to be/looked up to. She was strong, special, a bad-ass, liked people for who they were, and was an ever growing woman. She also enjoyed the simplicity of a normal life...but she didn't live one. I enjoyed the show because I think we all wanted to be special, but Buffy also uniquely made me think of the burden you would bare with super powers. Some comic characters did that too, but Buffy came about at the right time (high school) for me to fully understand that concept, as she and I were in the same place.
  • Cartoon- G.I.R. (Invader Zim)
    • I have a tattoo of him. LOL! But, I loved the character since the show premiered in 2001!  He's a bit goofy, sings his own made up songs, is obsessed with food, and is adorable! Also, he's a robot, so, why not?!
  • Comics-Fone Bone (Bone by Jeff Smith)
    • He has such a sunny disposition, and always tries to do what's right. Also, Bone was one of the first comics I collected (er, tried to collect) as a kid. It will always be special to me!
This week seemed like it was just for a few bullet points. Also, these types of posts are difficult to me because I want to go on and on, but...not make it too long lol!


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