Happiest Moments of Life So Far... (52 Lists-Week 3)

Happiest Moments in my Life So Far...

Man, these lists get a little deep, don't they? I know off the bat a few (OK, I know two..two). But let's see where my mind rambled?

  •  Getting Engaged- This is probably on most people's list, but I never dated anyone prior to my husband. A lot of that is due to sheer shyness, but, the other is I was either not interested in anyone, or, they weren't interested in me back. I did know right away I wanted to be with The Tenor the moment I met him though (not trying to be cheesy, it's just the way it was). At the time however, I was working on me so, I put those thoughts aside. But when we got engaged, I was so happy I couldn't speak. I didn't think I could've been so full of emotions, but I went silent and was a blubbering love fool!

  • Getting on Stage with Green Day/First Kiss- in 2009 I was still very Josie Geller (Never Been Kissed) and I wanted to make sure that I got one from #ForeverCrush Billie Joe Armstrong! The Tenor (who was then, "Just a Friend") and our BFF Koala-Bear and I went to see the band, and the goal was to get me on stage. We did, and, I insisted on making sure Billie Joe gave me a peck. Not going to lie, it wasn't "magic" or "fireworks" but for me, it was about making sh*t happen that year. And dammit: I slammed revolving doors!

  • New Life Change- This has been a bit of a double-edged sword. On one hand, I am missing my family and friends a lot. Like, a lot you guys! On the other, it's been nice to focus on us, relax a bit, learn about keeping house a bit more (something I thought I knew, but realize it's a lot harder than I thought). Also, we have cute fur-babies! It's nice to know we're in a new place in life, that while extremely trying, is also very rewarding not just for us, but for a lot of people. Also, the day I found out, I was so happy to quit my old job. Like, whenever I feel down about missing CA, I just think about how satisfying that was and it puts a smile on my face.

  • The Twins- When my sister gave birth to the twins, I was so happy (and not just because she took some pressure off the Tenor and I lol). They are my mum's first grand babies, and my first niece and nephew I got to be at the birth for! They're so precious, cute, and smart! I love them!

  • Getting Married- Obviously (save the best for last)! I wasn't sure I'd want a traditional wedding growing up, and surprising (most especially to me) I did! I was so excited and happy, and while there was one major mix up at our reception venue, IT DIDN'T MATTER! It was a lot of fun, and seeing all the planning, and such come to fruition was really satisfying. But most importantly, it made me so happy to know I was marrying someone who loved me for me! I stopped believing I'd ever be married at an early age, so it was a complete shock when I got engaged, and TBH I was nervous all they up until the day before the wedding. But that morning came, and I woke up with a smile that lasted all day (heck, thinking about it makes my cheeks ache lol!).  Nothing was able to bug me that day.
Anyway, I know that list is random af, but, that's what I've got! LOL!

What are some of your happiest moments?


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