52 Lists: Week 1-Goals and Dreams for 2016

I thought I'd try a new goal this week, thanks in part to Mindi (aka Lady Serpentine) inspired me with this post about Goals + Dreams. She had a link to "52 Lists Project" on Amazon and I decided that this year I would try to follow it!

52 Lists

Goals + Dreams
1. Do the 52 Lists!(LOL)

2. Another goal this year is to relax. I'm 99% likely to be moving again thanks to military life, and while I'm looking forward to somewhere new...I'm also scared s**t-less of it. I'll be moving again. Starting over again. Looking for new things to do in a new city..AGAIN. I'm hoping we get to move to one city in particular...but I won't know until the end of next month. Here's to not getting tense about it.

3. Owning a home! The next place we go to, is probably going to be a place we'll live for a LONG time. So we're hoping to own a place. More on that as life goes on.

4. Make a cosplay! I don't think this will happen until after SDCC though. But I want to sit and make Olive from Gotham Academy's skirt so I can cosplay her. Also, I plan on keeping my hair like hers all year! Which leads to...

5. Stay blonde, go more platinum!!!

6. Keep up with working out and lose some weight! I'm already researching things for where we may go next, including gyms and pools. Especially pools! Also Roller Derby and Water Polo because I figure teams would be a great way to meet new friends and help me stick with the commitment!

7. Sync and use my planners. Nuff said, eh?

8. Read more.

What are some of your goals and dreams for this year?


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