5 Chances I'm GOING to Take in 2016 (5 Fandom Friday)

This Fandom Friday post is brought to you by the letter N for The Nerdy GirlieS for Super Space Chick, and by readers like YOU!
This week's post is based on goals we will not merely be pursuing, but, taking a risk on!

1). Treat Myself
To some clothes that I like, especially more workout wear, and healthy food programs. Also, making sure I take time to relax, and read. It's been weird this last year, not getting to do much of either.

2). Roller Derby
Roller Derby Storm by Kevin Bolk
Doing it! I don't care. I need to just go for it! Also, I finally found someone interested in it! So Hopefully we can go together!!!

3). Masters
I want to not only join a Masters swim team...but--more importantly--I want to look seriously for an (affordable? lol) place to work on my Masters degree. I wasn't looking this year, as I knew I'd be moving again. But where we're going next will be for a longer time, and that means: It's time!

4). Make a Team?
I want to get a team sport going (especially if the swim thing doesn't work) for Water Polo, or, Proper Football (aka Soccer), or Quidditch!!! Maybe even relay racing, or dodgeball, or (my personal favorite): Capture the Flag!

5). Stay Active
This year (though off to a really bad start) should be an exciting year. One thing I'm working on doing is staying active.  consistently! From exercising hourly, to joining up in sports (seriously though, why is it so hard to find sports teams fro people out of college and high school? I don't get it!).

There's some chance I am going to take! As for my Goals (and Dreams) for 2016, check out this post!


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