2015 Achievements I Unlocked (5 Fandom Friday)

This Fandom Friday post is brought to you by the letter N for The Nerdy GirlieS for Super Space Chick, and by readers like YOU!

1). Geek Out Together/The Nerdy Rebellion +2500 points
Started a Podcast with my rad friends: Travis, Gladys and Gwen!!! We started out as Peggy's Peeps (we still are) but we've evolved into "The Nerdy Rebellion"! May Metatron "Shussh!" us forever! **raises glass**

2). Comic Con Parties +1000 points
I went to three this year! OMG! I gotta say, my favorite thing about SDCC this year was hanging out with all my favorite people! SO much fun! All the pictures! Yearbooks! #Funfetti! Gah! I'm so excited for SDCC this year! Since meeting fellow bloggers, SDCC has become like one big class reunion!!!

3). Gamer Revelation +500 points
I've loved video game my entire life, but like most ladies have been afraid to label myself a gamer. Well, you know what? Eff that! I like games, and I liked them so much that at our current station, I'm able to work with Video Games! It's been great! Also, I picked up my 1st FPS (the first that's "mine" vs my brothers lol) Destiny (The Taken King expansion)! I'm proud of myself for playing more and enjoying it more, and hopefully encouraging more ladies to try playing for themselves.

4). One Car Reliance +2500 points
Since we live across country, we weren't able to take my car to our new station. It's been rough doing this, however, I did learn how to coordinate better with my husband, and sync our gorram calendars lol! Luckily I will likely get a second vehicle in our new location.

5). Took a Sewing Refresher Class +1200 points
I finally took a sewing lesson/re-familiarization class with my machine at JoAnn's! I took sewing for like a half a semester in high school and I enjoyed it a lot, but I had water polo and swim, and it was a class to hold the place of it. It was a bummer that couldn't keep both, but since it was only offered at the same time...well. Cut to (lol) 2015, I took a class and have been practicing with scraps of fabric I have! This year I want to take a pattern reading class so I can hopefully learn to not just read, but, adjust a pattern if necessary.

This last year was a bit of a challenge, but REALLY necessary and fun looking back! While I haven't felt like I accomplished many things, this prompt was a great way to see that I really have overcome some things (no matter how small they may be!

I did get s**t done, and had fun doing it!

2015: You were hard, but, worth it!


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