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Favorite Nerdy Items

This Fandom Friday post is brought to by the letter N, for (The) Nerdy Girlie, and the letter S for Super Space Chick. And by readers like you

Today's Fandom Friday highlights some of my favorite nerdy accessories! My favorites happen to fall under the "traditional" accessories of jewelry, and hair stuffs!

1). The Phantom's ring from The Phantom
I got this ring from 7-11 back in '96 when the epically underrated movie The Phantom came out! the hero wore a purple suit, and had these boss skull rings! I was sold! My dad grew up reading the comics and such, so he was enthusiastic to take us to see it! Also, Catherine Zeta-Jones is in it as a spunky pilot (if I recall correctly). Also, this ring save my pinkie from being either chopped off, or, completely disfigured in a car door, as it bounced the door off it...while my hand was there. It also thwarted unwanted advances. That's why this baby is my number one!

2). G.I.R. earrings from Invader Zim
While I still …


I love, love, LOVE ABC's Agent Carter! She was one of my favorite parts of Captain America: The First Avenger, and, though I hadn't seen the blu-ray shorts featuring her, I was super excited that she was getting a mini-season on ABC!

I'm really excited to be one of #PeggysPeeps with Travis, Gladys, and, Gwen! On Saturdays, we are recapping Agent Carter together and going over our observations, as well as geeking out together! (#GeekOutTogether!).

During our first talk, we got on the topic of Peggy merchandise; or, more accurately, the general lack there of. And thus, the #MakeAgentCarter tag was born!

So, I ask you, dear friend, to join me in a small (polite) campaign for more availability of Agent Peggy Carter merch!

To make it easy, you can copy and paste the following (there should be about 30-35 characters left):
"please, #MakeAgentCarter! It would be awesome to have more items featuring her! @AgentCarterTV @Marvel"
OR! Write your own heart-felt plea for Pe…