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Pho Across America's Victoria: Adventure in Mobile AL (Guest Post)

Back in 2007 my brother's and I took Japanese at a community college. In my 101 class I was extremely blessed to make a friend (something I wasn't sure would happen). Victoria was this friend!  Victoria and I have become great friends and even blogged on LJ back in the day!

Victoria currently blogs at Pho Across America where she chronicles her travels across all 50 states in the epic search for great Pho! Additionally, Victoria shares her international travels (which often also include pho), and, her passion for Asian cultures!

If I remember correctly, my friendship with Joie dates back to 2007. We took Japanese together at a college in San Diego and have been good friends since. Seven years later, many things have changed. We both have degrees and blogs. Joie is married. On the other hand, I'm still single, but I like it that way. Between working, traveling, and a general dislike of men, I guess I don't really have time for a relationship or whatever they're calle…

SongsThat Changed My Life

This Fandom Friday post is brought to by the letter N, for (The) Nerdy Girlie, and the letter S for Super Space Chick. And by readers like you
This has got to be the toughest list! Seriously...
I'm trying, but seriously, Megan and I were texting about this, I've been going through songs since this topic was announced! I realize too, that, I'm not sure what the writer's intent with all of these songs are, only, what they mean to me (which I do a heinous job of explaining). But that's what is so awesome about music!

So, here's my narrowed list.
1). Basket Case by Green day

My number one song (which also has the only song that immediately popped into my head for today's prompt) is Green Day's Basket Case! I remember it being the first song I discovered on my own (i.e. not my parent's music) as a kid, and I am quite sure that's why they became my favorite band! It's my second favorite song of theirs (after this one).

2). True Believers by Bo…

Daria Morgendorffer Workout Cosplay

A few weeks ago, I asked about who you all would like to see in Workout Cosplay form! Usagi tweeted me with a GREAT candidate! So great, that I made two--that's right, TWO--workout cosplays for this character. I saved the second for spring, as it's a bit too cold for that first one I have in mind!

Daria Morgendorffer: Snowboard Edition by joie-fatale
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I will confess, this is a bit of a "I miss CA" post. See, I don't have mountains within driving distance, and I really want to go snowboarding. And so, this is Daria...on a winter vacation!

Also, those snowboarding boots are the most beautiful boarding boots I have EVER seen. I'm saving for those!!!! *drools*

And here is a Daria inspired playlist!

I am hecka blessed to be a child of the 80's-90's, because in my humble opinion: best cartoons EVER!
And Daria was one of those! I immediately gravitated towards the show when it came out I was in Junior High. Also, in elementary …

I Have a Dream...

This speech is the famous "I Have a Dream..." speech by Martin Luther King Jr.

I love this speech, as he addresses that people of all colors, of all beliefs, and all genders be treated as free, and, that one day, we won't even blink at these differences. His crusade was for all people.

This day is a day of remembrance of that.

This day is for everyone! :)

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!