Ravenclaw Workout Cosplay

"Wit beyond measure, is man's greatest treasure"

Ravenclaw is one of two sister houses to my Hogwarts house. 

It also houses my second favorite ghost The Grey Lady, and my favorite character: Luna Lovegood!

I also love Ravenclaw's house colors of Blue and bronze (or--more specifically--a bronze colored pewter), as I think bronze is such an under used color, but, when pulled off well looks insanely wonderful! That being said it was near impossible to find anything bronze:'(! BUT I did find some bronze colored shoes (I make no apologies for loving bold shoes).

And a Ravenclaw Workout mix:

On an interesting note, my husband is a Ravenclaw, and consistently insists I quit to join (not going to happen hahahah)!

Who on earth could be next?
Also, if you have any Workout Cosplays you'd like to see, let me know in the comments, or, tweet me  @Joie_Fatale!


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