Favorite Things About Autumn (Fandom Friday)

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5. Planners
The first of my favorite things about fall would have to be: PLANNER SEASON!!! I love having a planner! I'm not the most organized person nowadays...but I used to be, and want to be again!!! I like shopping for the really cute Sanrio & San-X ones more than anything! And now is the time when the companies start releasing them. They are cute (look at My Melody's adorable face!) as well as functional!
And come September, I'm ready to shop for one, especially since the new year is really, just around the bend...
4). Gingerbread Season is Coming
Thank you Lord for Starbucks
While everyone else might be ready to go on their #PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte in Starbucks' lingo) I'm just biding my time for the next seasonal flavor: GINGERBREAD! Sure, candy cane/peppermint season too, but for me it's all about Gingerbread! And it shall soon be upon us! I can't wait to make  cocktails, coffees, cakes, cookies, lattes, etc with the spicy-sweet deliciousness that is gingerbread! *smacks lips*

My favorite holiday is upon us, and while I'm sure I will (yet again) save Halloween costume-planning for the last minute, I don't care! I plan on actually watching some scary movies this year. I'm a scaredy cat, but darn, if I'm not curious!!! I also have some movies that are must watches this time of year (5 of which you can read about HERE). Also: FREE. CANDY!

2). Cooler Weather

I love summer...sort of. Well, more accurately I love parts of it.
I love SDCC.
I love the longer hours of daylight.
I wax way nostalgic for summer vacation.

But I HATE the heat! I wish fall had longer hours of daylight like summer's, but with cool weather. I'm looking forward to busting out my sweaters, jackets, hoodies, scarves and boots! The weather is such a relief!

1). The Light and the Smell
photo by Thomas Fitzgerald
This past Monday I saw my favorite thing about this upcoming season: the autumnal light.

At the risk of sounding cheesy, I LOVE the light that fall emits. There's something about summer and fall..they just, make the sunshine...well, shine in different ways. It's my favorite part of this time of year.
When I see it, I know that the new season is soon upon us. I just always preferred autumn, as the light reminds me of when as a kid, we would visit my Big Mama & Big Daddy (my dad's 'rents) for Thanksgiving in Coarsegold/Oakhurst, CA. Those are years I'm really grateful for, and is a tradition of our's that I greatly miss. Every time I see the transition of the sunlight, and smell the crisp autumn air, I can't help but reminisce about those days.

What are some of your favorite parts about this season?


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