Summer Vacation Has Ended!

I'm back! (I swear!) And I'm back in FL, and home with the Tenor, and our fur-babies!
It's been a month hasn't it? Dang.

I've been on a bit of a hiatus, trying to catch up on some stuff around my house, and re-organizing, and job hunting!

I've been battling allergies, cooking a LOT, and surprisingly enjoying it. I've started playing around some more with ingredients...and making sauces/seasonings/mixtures and stuff. Trying to learn different ways to cook different veggies, and stepping out of my comfort zone (Which is usually just steaming). I'm also trying to make sure to eat breakfast. And lunch. I tend to only eat dinners...which is not good for you. I don't starve myself, but I'm more of a "Coffee Sustains Me" person, with like, some cereal.

I finally found yogurt I like, and have that with a hard-boiled egg, and, toast or banana. Lunch is usually a sandwich or leftover dinners. OH! And I'm saving food from dinners for the next day for lunch. I'm trying.

I've also been cleaning, and stuff, and catching up with my FL friends since I was in San Diego for a month!

And San Diego was awesome. I miss it! My people! The food!

The freeways!!!

I feel like a piece of me is still there, in SD! It's weird though, because I missed my husband and the pets, so while in CA, I felt like part of me was here, you know?

It's been an epic summer! And getting to not only go home was great, but getting to hang out with some of my FAVORITE people made it EPIC! SDCC felt like summer camp (or, what I imagine summer camps are like). I don't think I've had that much Summer-Fun since like...2000!

It's been great and different, and just: awesome!!!


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