The Corpse Bride Workout Cosplay

One movie that I really enjoy just sitting and watching is The Corpse Bride.I'm a sucker for stop-motion animation (see my Favorite Christmas specials countdown), and I like skeletons. I've always wanted to do a Emily (Corpse Bride) cosplay, and thought it would be fun to make her in Workout form this time around!

I'd like to go on record saying, I LOVE Helena Bonham Carter! She's an amazing actress, and she seems like the coolest woman in movies! She's one of my favorite actresses (don't try to ever make me pick one won't work). She and her husband make some great (ok, and maybe some not so great) movies together, especially when teamed up with Johnny Depp.

And here's a playlist for skeletons! Power walk or run peeps!

Have you seen The Corpse Bride? What's your favorite stop-motion animation movie?


  1. I love it...that tshirt is hysterical :))) I love Helena Bonham Carter too, she's fantastic xx

  2. Corpse Bride + working out isn't something I'd associate together, but it's a pleasant surprise, I love the colour scheme so much!

    Angeli |

  3. LOL! Yeah, I could see that!
    TBH, since I started these in 2013, I've wanted to do this one though! I was inspired by The Von Bondies' "Pale Bride" but I was waiting for the right workout gear! :D

  4. Oooh corpse bride and nightmare before Christmas are some of my fave movies! Corpse bride would be a really fun cosplay, especially around Halloween!

  5. I haven't seen this movie yet, which is amazing considering I absolutely ADORE Helena, and Tim Burton.

    This outfit is so cute, and any t-shirt with a pun is right up my alley.

  6. I love Helena Bonham Carter too! One of my favorites. I've only seen pieces of The Corpse Bride.. I need to watch the whole thing soon.

  7. I love puns! I swear, I have "dad humor" down...that's how much I love puns lol!
    And the Corpse Bride is really fun!

  8. YES! The dress is so pretty from the movie too!

  9. Aww <3 this one is awesome!!! (Also thanks for the playlist)


  10. This is great, I can just imagine someone else in the gym staring at it thinking "Is can't be, it's just a coincidence, right?"


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