Steven Universe SWIM Workout Cosplay

Today's Workout Cosplay is based on one of the most happy, and determined characters I've ever seen: Steven Universe!

This last week I've been swimming a lot, AND I'm trying to get a water polo team going!!! I'm so excited to play in the water. It's my favorite exercise and cardio. Also, it's  funny how much my mood changes after being in the water. I'm a new person!!! I'm sometimes afraid I was a mermaid as a kid, and brought on land because the mer-mob was after me...or something.

Anyway, I want to point out four things in this outfit! First, the swim cap! I STILL wear one whenever I'm in the pool. In addition to protecting my side-shaves, it protects my platinum from turning pool green, and, (MOST importantly) keeps my hair off my face.

Next, the board shorts, which I only ever wear while surfing, or, to create drag (slows you down) in the water.

Then, is the very important Hamburger backpack to carry your swim goodies in! If you watch Steven Universe, you know why this bag is a must!

Last, are the things I want a LOT right now: those Sony Walkman headphones/MP3 Players. They are WATER PROOF!!! You could even use them to listen to this while you swim:

I was planning this post a while back (when I posted the other Crystal Gems). Unfortunately, the folks I was using to share playlists were very naughty, and so I had to start his music from scratch.

But, I am glad this happened as I had help from my friends Gladys and Gwen in coming up with this playlist I though Steven would have grown up with thanks to his dad, and, their mutual love of singing! So there's a 70's-90's pop & rock influence!

Check out Pearl, Amethyst, and Garnet as well!


  1. Like I NEED that bag, haha!! So awesome :))) x

  2. Tbh I keep putting off watching Steven Universe for some reason but that backpack is the CUTEST thing I could ever own o_o

    Eli |

  3. Put it off no longer, Angeli! It's so good!

    And when you watch the show, you will see the significance of the backpack too ;)

  4. Love it! I used to swim a lot as a kid but not so much anymore, I do miss it sometimes!

  5. Oh I love this outfit so much! Glad I could help with song choices and I am loving this cartoon so much!

  6. YAY! I'm glad your loving the show! I always get the songs stuck in my head lol!
    And thank you for helping me! :D

  7. No joke: I feel like a different person when I swim! Like, a much happier displaced mermaid or something lol!

    Jump back in! The water's find ;)


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