Five Guilty Pleasure Fandoms (5 Fandom Friday)

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Today's prompt is our guilty pleasure fandoms. I don't mind admitting to these, but I also don't mind admitting a little bit of "guilty" feelings for liking these either...some these are not the best lol.

Without any further adieu, my list:

1). Gossip Girl
This show's ingredients were everything I HATED in Teen-dramas growing up. But when you combine all of them together, they really make for a delicious Television series! Also, their wardrobe was so amazing! Also, I got some friends hooked on it, and would randomly say "I'll never tell...XOXO...Gossip Girl" in ridiculously simpering voices and it was a great laugh to us. (Ask me no questions, for reason escapes us on this too).

2). Pretty Little Liars
I started watching this as a recommendation from a co-worker. I didn't think I'd make it past the first "A" (the show's antagonist) reveal...but here I season 3...still watching this. I am rooting for "A" though...the main characters thus far are not very great and A seems interesting lol! Also the theme song is really fun!

3). Georgia Nicholson books & movie
I read these when I was in High School. This series would make me legit LOL...and snort out loud (SOL? IDK WTF that might be).  Any who, I LOVED this series so much I decided to donate it to the library I worked at because they didn't own the series...which I now regret as I've been wanting to go back and re-read it for the the laughs. It also got made into a movie titled "Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging" (the first book is titles "Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging"). And yes! I LOVED the movie...despite being 27 when I finally got to see it (I saw it a few years after it came out)! LOVE Georgia!

4). Musicals
My dad and mom love old movies and so, they handed down that love to my siblings and I. I particularly enjoyed musicals like The Sound of Music, Damn Yankees, Road to Moracco, and Shirley Temple! The best part about movie musicals (and why I hope they make a comeback) is that they are the more affordable ticket to Broadway musicals! Also, a lot of Broadway productions now are inspired by movies already so, that's cool too!
Additionally, The Tenor grew up performing in musical theater (thus his "codename") with his siblings! He has a great voice, and we both love sining songs from RentWicked, and Journey songs (not really Broadway I guess, but Glee did a good job breaking up the parts).

5). Once Upon a Time
This show is hell-a cheesy. I enjoy it though. But I'm hoping this show gets some more diversity. I really want more POC, and why the hell did they get rid of Mulan?!?! Come on now! But the next season will bring Lancelot back which means she might be sooooo **fingers-crossed**!

What do you think? Are any of your guilty pleasures on here too?


  1. I am also a Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars addict<3 And I LOVE that Wicked gif! It's so vibrant!

  2. AH! Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging is one of my favorite books hahah

  3. I've never been to a musical and I want to change that! I really, really want to see the Sailor Moon musicals, and Death Note, and The Lion King, and other Disney musicals!

  4. I need to see the Sailor Moon musicals! WAIT?! Death Note?!?!

    And I want to see The Lion King too..and in Japanese! And Wicked and The little Mermaid in Japanese! I've seen it on YouTube, and I love the idea of seeing them in a different language!

  5. I. LOVE. THOSE. BOOKS!!! I legit LOL! I wish I still had my copies...I want to steal them back from the library I worked at.

  6. They are so addicting!!! So much drama!!! LOL!

    And Wicked is so wonderful! It's my favorite!

  7. OUAT is definitely one of my guilty pleasures. My favorite character is Rumplestiltskin. =)

  8. YES MUSICALS!!! I believe I can still sing the entire libretto of RENT without forgetting a single lyric...same with Les Mis, Evita, Cats, etc etc etc...!!



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