Fandom Friday Characters Who Need Their Own Screen Time

Fandom Fridays are brought to you by the letter N for (The) Nerdy Girlie; by the letter S, for Super Space Chick; and by readers like you!

This post is also brought to us by Jaym, who's original suggestions was on comic book heroes in particular!

I decided to change mine a little to characters in general who deserve either TV, or Movies of their own.

1). Thursday Next- I want to see BBC do an entire show, where, each series (apparently, they call seasons that?) after each book. I realize the level and number of rights to character might be the hard part, but I KNOW this would be the most bankable show ever! Dear Lord, I LOVE this series!

2). Jubilee- I was speaking to Gladys about this, and I think a Jubilee TV show, would be fun! It would be really cool to see it as a CW show in the grain of Arrow but, also in the vein Buffy where she is trying to be a "normal girl" but, since no one is normal, and she is dealing with being a mutant it would be brilliant. It would be awesome to also see a teen show about a young Asian American woman, who is also adopted dealing with weighty issues such as bigotry, hiding who she is, and, fighting crime and evils. It could be the baddest of bad ass in just needs to not be with Fox ;P
It could be a teen show with true depth, that older folks could enjoy too! I'm telling you, she's the perfect subject!

3). Storm- Wolverine is over played. And though I love Halle Berry, I really, REALLY need Queen Lupita to be Storm. Just...she's perfect!

4). Bone- This is my FAVORITE COMIC BOOK SERIES OF ALL TIME! I remember begging my mom for Disney Adventures Magazine just to read it because it came to my door, and I was having the hardest time (as a 9 year old) getting to, and getting a hold of the comic book form themselves. This is a GREAT fantasy, that's funny, and, has dragons, and a princess that legit kicks ass!

5). Myfanwy Thomas- Before leaving San Diego, my friend Autumn gave me Daniel O'Malley's The Rook as a gift. I'm so glad she did. I devoured it on my plane ride, and while I eagerly await the second book, I believe the series would make a fun tv show! It could even have really fun filler episodes/seasons and seasons that follow each book. The adventures could easily be made! I highly recommend this book by the way!

Who are some characters you would like to see have their own dedicated screen time?


  1. YES I love Storm she's always been my fave but I've not loved her in the movies and a Jubilee show would be soooo much fun! xoxo


  2. Jubilee and Storm would be awesome!

  3. Wow! Lupita as Storm!! That would be just **PERFECTION**


  4. I totally support a Thursday Next show! Who should play her?

  5. After reading the first books, I really wanted Thursday Next to made into a series, but the author has put his foot down about it. shame.

  6. Yes to Jubilee! She is one of my favorite characters!!!

  7. Yay! I chose Storm too! Also Bone is a great idea. I love that series too.

  8. YES to Jubilee and Storm!! They need more screen time!!! I love storm, she's my favourite - it is one of my nicknames, ha!! Halle Berry wasn't my choice for her really, it could have been better. So I think she really deserves her own movie!! And Jubilee is awesome and hasn't gotten enough time either, it would be so good if they worked on these :)))) x

  9. I've heard about that as far as movies go (which is a total bummer). But do you know where that's from? I know Fforde has written for TV and movies the last I read TV wasn't off limits for Thursday. However, this was years ago when I read this.

    Is this new? and would you link it for me? I need to cry and hold a memorial for what might have been.


  10. She's been underplayed by many, which I find odd seeing as how she's always been bad-a!
    All the Jubilee things! ;)

  11. Storm is a goddess! Her not receiving her due is just bonkers to me!

    And I've been hearing about a Bone movie since the 90's...I'm skeptical until it's out. But, I would also LOVE to see it as TV series too. Fingers crossed :)

  12. Have you read the series Stephanie?
    Cause if did say : "...interesting" and I recommend it as my FAVORITE series of all time!

  13. That is the coolest nickname!!!
    It would be cool to see more of the mutant ladies (even though I'm militantly for them being back in the MCU vs. Fox lol) because they are so interesting! For instance Days of Future Past was SUPPOSED to be about Kitty Pryde or Bishop going back in time...not Wolverine.

    I think they missed out on a GREAT opportunity there.

  14. Ooooh! Good question!
    In my dream world? Helena Bonham Carter, with Angela Lansbury as Granny Next and Helen Mirren as Wednesday. I would love, love, LOVE Naveen Andrews as Landon, because since Lost (which I started after the books) my imagination has had Landon at a mix between him, and Neil Gaiman (is that weird?). oh! Or Neil Gaiman as Landon...maybe it's the writer thing? LOL. David Oyelowo as Spike...and I'll think about the rest lol!

    Or, somebody BRAND NEW. But I need her to be legit in her 30's...that's the book, and it's actually an important part of the story, and later development.

    I think that's why it's hard for me to cast lol! How about you?

  15. Lupita for all the roles! ;)
    She's flawless!

  16. Right?! They're so insanely overlooked which should be enough for Fox to lose the mutant rights for not featuring them enough ;P (I wish lol).

    They're such amazing well loved characters!

  17. Ditto Cate! Those are my EXACT feelings!

  18. I think it was my friend who told me this back in uni but I can't rememberw here she read it, sorry :( She is a die hard Thursday Next fan too.

    Maybe, one day, they will see sense and make them :)

  19. OMG Jubilee was my favourite X-men as a kid! It's kind of embarrassing because my cousin's used to tell me she was the worst one. haha
    I'm glad someone shares my love!

    Angeli |

  20. Naveen Andrews is so dreamy!

    I could see someone like Gillian Anderson kicking ass as Thursday.

  21. Darn!
    And yes I hop he'll change his mind! And YAY for more Thursday fans!

  22. **Spoilers (possibly)**Ooooh! She does kick ass, but perhaps a little too glamorous for Thursday for me. But I'd LOVE, LOVE LOVE her as Aornis (who up until now I couldn't think of anyone,but now she's all I see)!
    Also, how far are you in the books? Just realized I might be spoilery!!

  23. Awwww, your cousins couldn't be more wrong ;) You were right: she is awesome!


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