Favorite Fictional Moms

This Fandom Friday post is brought to you by the letter N, for (The) Nerdy Girlie, and, the letter S, for Super Space Chick. And by readers like you!
Today's Fandom Friday focuses on the lovely mum's in fiction! These are mum's I wouldn't mind sending a card too...after I send my own mum one of course ;)

1). Thursday Next (Thursday Next series)- Yes...yes I love this series. But Thursday is one bad-a** mom! Her son's Friday, Tuesday...and Jenny are a part of what makes Thursday even more awesome. In addition to fighting both in the real world, and fiction, she also has to keep an eye on her kiddos, and, save the world/future...for them! And even if all that butt-kicking would take the gusto out of most people, she's still able to straight up lay down the law at home. Also she has a stay at home writer husband. She's the bread winner, and is a ride-or-die woman! I love her for more reasons than I can list...so, I'll stop here.
Because even though I like HBM, this part is still badass!
2). Molly Weasley (Harry Potter series)- I'm sure she'll be on a lot of people's list. And that's because: SHE'S-BLOODY-AWESOME!!! Not only does she take care of her whole family, but she takes in Harry and Hermione and other people who are in need of a strong woman of character. She might be in the traditional stay at home mum role, but, she's no June Cleaver! She's a mother, wife, wiz, and kind hearted.
And the part in the gif, but in the book? I nearly lost my place while reading because I legit applauded and yelled "YEAH!"
3). Mom (Animal Crossing)- You know, this is the only fictional mother to have given me anything. And I wish I could just write her in return this weekend. Just once. I'd send her some bells, or, a pink rose, that I would breed especially for her on this day. Thanks "mom" for looking out for me in my "big move," and, raising me to be the woman who would become the best mayor BerryHil has ever known. #blessed ;P (also! Read this...its so true!)

4). Mrs. Bennet (Pride & Prejudice)- OK, so one of the reasons she's listed is, because without her, Pride & Prejudice wouldn't be the same. She's the comic relief, via satire (ok, the whole book is satire) and I just find her both hilarious, and moving. While she gets on my nerves, she does so because she understands the reality of life, and, the situation her daughters are in. It sucks. She knows it sucks! So she's trying to make sure their life is a decent one...at the cost of happiness sometimes, but still, a decent one.

5). Mrs. Delia Ketchum (Pokemon)- She believes in her son's potential; the potential to be the best. The very best. Like no one ever was. She knew that to catch Pokemon was his test, and to train them: his cause. And so, she gave her son permission to travel across the land, and search far and wide. Knowing that what he wanted to do was understand each Pokemon, and, the power that was inside...his heart. She knew Ash needed to Catch 'Em All! She believed in her son, and his dreams and abilities. That is what makes her a great mom. ;P heh-heh

Some Runner's up:
Linda Belcher
Martha Kent
Sarah Connor
Eudora (Princess Tiana's mum)
Calvin's mom (from Calvin and Hobbes...because you know she's patience incarnate).

Who are your favorite fictional mom's? Don't forget to wish a mom you know and love a Happy Mother's Day! If you're lucky enough to live near them, hug them tight!


  1. Molly was in my runner ups. :) I love your list!
    x Angela // geekybrunette.wordpress.com

  2. Love them all...Molly is awesome :)) x

  3. Molly is definitely one of my faves! And I had totally forgotten about Mom from animal crossing, those letters always cracked me up and totally makes me want to play it again!

  4. There's Molly again! I love it!

  5. PLAY IT! If you have a 3DS, We need to be friends! :D

  6. Thank you! I'm about to go check yours out! If Molly is a runner up I MUST see which mum's beat her to make top 5 ;]

  7. Animal Crossing mom! I think I saved every single letter I got from her. She sometimes had weird taste in gifts, but hey, that's moms right? :)

  8. Ahhh! I was waiting for someone to post Ash's mom! So happy that you did! Molly is #1 for me. :) Love your choices!

    - Kerri

  9. Ohh Calvin's mom is SUCH a great pick! Ash's mom too!

  10. Yes! I think I saved all of her letters in my Game Cube version, but I'm mad I haven't yet in New Leaf (thus the googled pic lol).

  11. Super mixed feelings about Mrs. Bennet.

    Wink at you? Why should I wink at my own child?
    Have you no compassion for my nerves?

  12. Calvin's mom! Of course! She's amazing! Great list!

  13. Loved Mrs. Weasley! She loved and helped everyone.


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