Colossal Titan Workout Cosplay (Attack on Titan)

Today's Workout Cosplay is a loose interpretation from an AMAZING anime (which you can watch on Netflix) called: Attack on Titan! This is primarily (for spoiler reasons) based on the colossal titan from the beginning of the anime.

This one is inspired by both the Titan, and, the wall he breaks through (thus the hints of concrete grey). I also think the titans are freaking creepy as hell! And...maybe I feel like when I "run" I look like a few of the more dorky ones lol!

One thing that REALLY inspired me are those leggings from Hot Topic! I think it would be so cool to be working out wearing those because it would be kind of like being able to "see" your muscles at work! Or like Mr. Goodbody from back in the day lol!

Here's a workout playlist for you:

If you haven't seen Attack on Titan I would highly suggest it! It's so good, and though a bit eerie, there's a lot of intrigue, and BONUS! Fights are NOT seven episodes long ;P heehee!

Have you seen Attack on Titan? Do you enjoy anime?
Have any Workout Cosplays you'd like to see? 
Leave me a comment, or, tweet me and let me know!


  1. Love this! everytime I see those muscle leggings I'm always tempted to do a Titan cosplay with them xoxo

    ♥ Cateaclysmic ♥

  2. So love those leggins, haha. Amazing!! xx

  3. I watched a few episodes of it last year and then started to read it. It's so crazy. I couldn't go far since my boyfriend was watching it with me and I was being sneaky XD Those leggings are so awesome! I know I've seen more detailed ones before kind of gross hahaha

  4. They are so fun! I love when people get into it too! It's so eerie!

  5. They are so fun! I like legging/running leggings! Gotta have fun with them! :D

  6. LOL!
    It is such a good show! I NEED to read the manga still lol!

  7. Yes to everything in this post <3 Haha, the leggings are a must need now. I have AOT leggings with the whole squad as chibi characters :) Perfect playlist too! Thanks for sharing this!!


  8. Aw! May I ask where you got those leggings?! They sound so cute!
    And thank you so much for liking this (especially the playlist...those things are hard, but I LOVE making them lol)

  9. I got them last year at SDCC - I wish I remembered the venders name but they had a bunch of anime apparel :D

  10. LOVE THIS! I actually really want those leggings now, lol!

  11. LOVE Attack on Titan. I'm a few chapters behind on the manga, unfortunately, but ahhh so good.

    Are you familiar with They have a TON of geeky workout clothes, including some SNK stuff. I posted a wishlist for the site a few weeks ago if you wanted to check that out (:

    New follower. Happy to have found you!

    Katie @


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