Pearl Workout Cosplay

I have FINALLY been able to see a show I've been a fan of, from afar. That show is Steven Universe. Naturally I had to start a workout cosplay or two...or four ;)
I decide to start with Pearl because I knew some of her playlist right off the bat lol. Additionally, her sword is so cool. More importantly (to me LOL) she is voiced by Deedee Magno-Hall who is not only an AMAZING  Broadway singer/actress, but was my FAVORITE member of the NEW Mickey Mouse Club (MMC) back in the late-80s/early-90s. If you follow me on twitter or instagram,  you know I had a FANGIRL FREAK-OUT  at this (I might need to add this to the list)! Also,  she and some of her fellow MMC alum formed a music group while on the show (Miley, eat your heart out)! Its totally bubble gum, and, insanely 90s-influenced...which makes it radically nostalgic ;P

Hope you enjoyed this week's Workout Cosplay! Sorry I was late with it, our internet went down before I could string my pieces together.

Do you watch Steven Universe?  Do you have a favorite crystal gem?


  1. Oh my gosh haha, this is such an awesome series idea! Who would've thought you could look sweet and display your personality while working out? Makes me want to actually join a gym now heh :P


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