Garnet Workout Cosplay

If you've been hanging out here with me, you knew who today was going to be!
And you know what? Garnet was the most difficult! I LOVE all of the Crystal Gems (you can't make me pick a favorite! YOU CAN'T!!!) but Garnet is FIERCE and stoic, and just amazing!

She's such a strong character: physically, and, as the leader of the Gems! Also, if you've seen the show, you know she's got super Gem abilities (**spoilers**)!

This show is so fantastic! And one of the best parts is the music, which creator Rebecca Sugar created (she did the music for Adventure Time too). Also, for Garnet in particular, she is voiced by musician Estelle!

Be sure to check out my Amethyst and Pearl Workout Cosplays as well!

Have you seen Steven Universe? If not, can I encourage you to change you mind ;P heehee?
If there is a workout cosplay you'd like to see, tweet me at @Joie_Fatale!


  1. Awesome workout outfit :) Nicely done!
    x Angela //

  2. Ooh, super cute! I love that jacket, and I'm pretty sure I have those pants!

  3. Nicely done! Loved the jacket you picked.

  4. Thank you so much! Getting Garnet right was kind of intimidating lol! It's funny for the last two I didn't add sweatshirts because I straight up forgot that its still cold in part of the US (for some reason I always assume spring = warm).

  5. This pants are so cute! And yay! the sweatshirt I stumbled on at the last minute!

  6. Thank you Kizzy! Do you watch Steven Universe? If you get a chance to check it out, I think you and your family would enjoy it!

  7. This might be my top fav! I want it all :D

  8. I've been meaning to watch this show! Will definitely have to hop to it now. Loving the cosplay clothes :)

  9. Oh, watch it! It's so sweet, and fun, and AMAZING (in my opinion) lol

  10. Love that pink & black together. I love strong feminine characters. Joie, that instagram pic of you feeding the squirrel was priceless! Loved it.

  11. GORG i love the pink and black! Great job girlie! Also MISS YOU!! xx

  12. Thank you! :D
    I was trying to get the right red/pink ratio so that means a lot! LOL!

  13. Thank you Kim! You should check out Steve Universe! All the ladies are strong, and, individuals in the show! And the music is Great too!

    And I'm training to be Squirrel Girl ;D heehee

  14. Garnet is my favorite of the gems. I'm so happy other people realize this show is so not just for little kids lmao. It seems so goofy on the surface but the more you watch the more you're like "oh...ooh.." Kinda like Gravity Falls that way.

    Would love to see workout cosplays for erm...those spoilers lol

    Katie @


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