Amethyst Workout Cosplay

Last week, I featured one of the Chrystal Gems from Steven Universe: Pearl!
This week, I'm featuring the vivacious and energetic (and also a little feral) Amethyst! 
Jump rope is super fun...and SUPER hard to do consistently! And it's a really good cardio exercise. Getting some friends to do it with you (Double Dutch anyone?) is a fun way to workout together, and, stay motivated to keep going. 

On a side note, one of the things I LOVE about this show are the Chrystal Gems varying body types! Neither of them fall under the usual svelte-hourglass shapes the powers that be want all women to conform to. Instead, the show features body types that are not as often celebrated! WHICH I LOVE!

Have you seen Steven Universe? How do you think Amethyst would feel about this playlist?
Also, if there's a workout cosplay you'd like me to tackle, twetet me @Joie_Fatale!
(Or, let me know in the comments!)


  1. I love this..I can't wait to see Garnet!

  2. HeeHee! I'm glad you like it!
    I'm trying to make her playlist PERFECT! It's hard cause I want to do a few different things with hers!

  3. I haven't seen Steven Universe yet, but I adore this outfit! I'm a purple junkie, and this definitely looks like something I'd wear to the gym.

  4. That's my birthstone! Love this color.

  5. It's mine too! On both accounts heehee!


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