5 Times I Flipped Out Like A Fangirl

This Fandom Friday post is brought to you by the letter N, for (The) Nerdy Girlie, and, the letter S, for Super Space Chick. And by readers like you!

When you're a fangirl, you know, more than any other type of fan, the importance of keeping your cool. This goes against our innate nature though. We are like little magpies fighting our desire to go straight to the shiny things, so too, is the fangirl.

IDK if these literally fit today's prompt, but, I thought I'd share with you some embarrassing, but strongly fangirl-powered moments. And with that, here are sometimes where I lost my fangirl cool!!

1). Stan Lee at the Viz Media Shonen Jump panel
Up until 2008 if you wanted to go to a panel (that is, if you wanted to sit up front) at SDCC, you only had to show up to the panel before it started. At the time, I was reading Shojo Beat magazine (R.I.P.) and wanted to subscribe to Shonen Jump. My brother and I were excited since we both liked the mangas in the magazine; and, we both like Naruto & Bleach. But the most important thing in the panel description, for me, was that they would be talking about the Ultimo manga venture. I KNEW Stan Lee would show up, even though my brother insisted there would be no chance of this, and you know what?...HE DID!
My brother and I jumped out of our seats filled with pure glee, grasped each others arms and found ourselves jumping up and down (I'm NOT exaggerating). I fangirled so hard, that I broke the cardinal rule--I asked for a picture! I also tried to bring my brother up there, but he fanboyed so hard he didn't even feel me pulling at him, and just sat next to me, smiling the BIGGEST smile and looking on in awe at Stan! And though I'm sad I broke the rule, I'm glad I got this pic for free! :D
🌸#SorryNotSorry 😜
2). Billie Joe x Joie = Kiss!!!
So technically, my first kiss was Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day.
Technically, when he called pulled me on stage I made sure my demand was quite clear.
Technically, my friend Ben and the Tenor (then, "just a friend") helped me get on stage to make this magical moment possible.
Technically, I'm not really sure how much of this is really "technical" but it seemed right at the time I was writing this.

3). The Geek Girl Meet Up at SDCC 2014
OK, so I don't know if this counts, but I'm putting it on here anyway! First let me preface this with the fact that I actually have a little bit of social anxiety. I push it to the side at cons and concerts, mostly because I know I NEED to, in order to enjoy them and have fun.
The amazing and sweet Megan (The Nerdy Girlie) put together a Geek Girl blogger meet up last SDCC! And I was really excited to go. I was able to meet the ultra kind, and comic book knowledgy Gladys (Usagi in Wonderland) earlier that day, trying really hard to "stay cool" and be sure to say hi versus, say, gush WAY too much...which I do...IDK if I did that day, and got to see her again at the meet up! But that evening by the end of the con, at the meet up, it was so excited to see some more of the geek girl bloggers! Especially those who I hadn't met yet, and who lived in San Diego. I got to meet Meli (Melificent) who I saw again at SherlockeDCC! I got super tearful when I started talking to Liz Locksley (LizLocksley.com) & Mia (XO Mia) who had started SuperHeroesque and basically were the reason I FINALLY cosplayed for the first time EVER at SDCC (I've been going for 10+ years, and was too self-conscious). So yeah...I cried...I lost my fangirl "cool" with my fangirl peers.
Basically, I found out I had (and continue to) become a fangirl of my fellow fangirls and fanboys!
Everyone is AWESOME!
Pic courtesy of The Nerdy Girlie

4). Meeting Cree Summer...and Crying
Also at SDCC (2014 was my SDCC of Happy Tears) I was at the Black Panel which, if you haven't been to it: DO IT! It's the most fun in a panel, there's never a line, and, you can MEET the celebrities! Some celebrities include Orlando Jones (Sleepy Hollow), Phil LaMarr (who might sit down right next to you, and has voiced at least one character in nearly EVERYTHING, including Futurama!), and, my voice acting hero: Cree Summer! Since I was a kid there were three jobs that I wanted; the most important of which is being a voice actor! Cree Summer was one of the FIRST names I ever memorized from those speedy cartoon credits! She was really cool, and the sweetest!
And--since I was fangirling too hard--I of course forgot to take a pic...yay Joie! (I actually do this a lot sadly). So, here's a picture of her with some of the voices she has done:
5). Geek Out Together/Peggy's Peeps/Daredevil
This is my home. These are my folks!
Incase you missed it, Gwen, Gladys, Travis, and I started a fan recap of Agent Carter! We had SO MUCH FUN that, we decided we wanted to do some more Geek Out hangouts! This month and next we'll be covering Daredevil! I love doing this with these with my fellow nerds! It's so much fun!


  1. I'm still bummed I missed out on that SDCC Meet Up!

  2. Me too! I was a little too ambitious in my travel plans, so I couldn't make it!

  3. Awww I love this post so much I would love to go to a meet one day and meet my fellow bloggers I've made some awesome friends through blogging and they're such an inspiration to me even though we're worlds apart xoxo

    ♥ Cateaclysmic ♥

  4. You kissed Billie Joe!!! Well done

  5. This is such a fun post!! I love the picture with Stan Lee and I love how you were ballsy enough to ask for a kiss from Billie Joe!

  6. Heehee!
    OMG! I literally made my own mine explode with my accomplishment that night!

  7. OMG BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG??????????????

    I like, died. And watching that video was super duper cute.

    Also omg you've told me about the Black Panel and your experience there before. I hope to make i out to SDCC someday!

    -- Harper

  8. DO IT! It's the best!

    Have you heard of Geek Girl Brunch?!?!

    They have geek girl meet ups (and of course the essential geek girl meal: brunch!) in different cities and towns!

    Here's their blog: http://geekgirlbrunch.com

    Check and see if your city is on there! If not, they could help you start one, or, shine the "Geek Girl Meet Up" Signal, and, see if some fellow bloggers are in your area!

  9. Dude, as you can see from the video I had no room for any thoughts or emotions after my wee peck from Billie Joe! LOL!
    I was pretty much like "I can die a happy woman"

  10. HAHAHAHAHAHA...I loved that video...oh my goodness!! I was fan girling, Billie Joe Armstrong gave you a kiss, hahahahahaha!! That's so amazing!! I watched it more than once, hahaha...brilliant!! xx

  11. You are awesome and this point may of made my eyes water. And on that note...

    Awesome Stan Lee moment and photo!! And you got kissed by Billie Joe Armstrong?!?!?!? Eeeeee!!!!

  12. )&&^$#$%^SF OMG!!! LOl, that must have been epic being up on stage. ^__^ AND THE KISS! I fangirled just watching that hahahahahaha.

  13. YAY!
    Thank you! I was so happy it happened!

  14. LOL! Thank you! I think it was a lucky kiss, that's what I tell myself. ;)

  15. Oh man! Allergies riiiiight ;)
    SDCC was so fun! I was having a hard time cause my husband couldn't go, but you, the meet up, all of it...it was great! I'm so grateful for this group and getting to meet everyone! I can't wait for this year!


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