5 Favorite "Closed" Attractions

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Today's prompt is based on our favorite rides, be they Disney, carnival, or, another theme park. However, while working on this prompt, I found that more than a few on my list are no longer in operations, so, I present:

My 5 Favorite "Closed" Attractions!

1). Kingdom of the Dinosaurs (Knott's Berry Farm, CA)
A basic animatronic dark ride (like Peter Pan, Snow White, and such...basically, my favorite type), with a conveyor belt based cart system, KotD is a nostalgia trip for me. You see, young Joie LOVED dinosaurs (Ok, I still do) and anything with a dino in it, I wanted to see! This ride was old, and you could hear the hydraulic pistons in the dinosaurs. I liked to pretend it was dinosaur farts (cause I'm a grown up). Also, the cart's you the rider sit in are in fact time machines. TIME MACHINES!!!  What makes this ride extra awesome is that since the carts continue to move on the conveyor belt, the line is super fast! You can see the ride here!

2). Star Tours-the Original (Disneyland CA)
via Wikipedia
While, I know they have the ride still it did technically close...so it gets to be on the list.
But it's Star Wars, so WIN!

3). Swiss Family Treehouse (Disneyland, CA)
via wikipedia
Not really a ride, but it was still one I liked to just walk through and enjoy. I loved old Disney Channel, when they would play old Disney movies.  The Swiss Family Robinson was one of those movies. Its about a family (a Swiss one ;P ) that ends up stranded on an island, and they build their living quarters in a tree. I wanted my family to get stranded on an island so I could finally have a treehouse! But, this was the closest thing to it. And then they made it Tarzan's Treehouse...and I honestly can't stand that movie (sorry...it just was NOT a movie for me). So it's closure and the re-branding made me sad.

4). Colossus (Six Flags, CA)
I didn't get to go to Six Flags before they closed it (although it is scheduled to reopen this year..."improved"). Mostly because it's the iconic part of the park (National Lampoon's Family Vacation), and, because I like old coasters.

5). Knott's Bear-y Tales Playhouse (Knott's Berry Farm, CA)
Oh Knott's why do you take my childhood away? This was an interactive fun-house type of thing. Little kids, could crawl through the whole thing, and, see more to the whole thing. It was cool, and I'm such a sucker for cheesy animatronics. I don't care! You can kind of see it here.

Any who, those are some rides I miss! I can't wait to see what rides/attractions others have written about!

What are some theme park attractions you miss, or, wish would be opened again?


  1. Oh my goodness! I don't even remember any of these rides besides the original Star Tours!

  2. LOL! I am old haha! But I barely remember all but 1 & 2. I think the last time I rode #1 was 2003. If I had known they were closing it I would have just stayed on it until the park closed :'(

    I'm glad Star Tours is still open though. I get why the changes were made to each though. :)

  3. Love the twist you took with this weeks prompt. Love it! Funny story... Paris Disneyland still has the original Star Tours film and Jaime sat there and video taped it but towards the end someone can on speaker and told him to turn it off. We didn't get the last minute of it but we are so happy to have it.

    Now if I would just get picked to be a rebel in the new one!

  4. It was! I haven't seen it since it was turned into Tarzan. It might be mostly the same though (I assume it is). But it's still so amazing!

  5. Dammit! They don't understand that they made things such a huge part of our lives, that when they change so drastically it kind of hits folks in the feels.

    They should totally allow us to film! Also, thank you! I'm glad you liked my spin. :D

  6. As a Star Wars fan, I would've love that ride Joie. These were so interesting! Didn't know much about the rides in California.

  7. These sound so awesome! I went to Disneyland and Six Flags when I was real young and have no actual memories of it. Wish I did! haha

  8. It's still there in away. They just re-vamped it, and, one of the "flights" includes the original. Problem is, is, it's randomized or something.

  9. I like Six Flags in theory. But, I like it off season best! It was NOT fun during the summer! It would get so hot there!


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