I Am Groot! (Workout Cosplay)

My favorite movie last year was Guardians of the Galaxy, and with Marvel's up-coming (just over a month away!!! **squee**) Age of Ultron (AoU) I'm going to apologize in advance if I'm a bit Marvel-crazy.

Just kiddin...I'm not sorry ;-P

So let's start with Groot!!!

Groot (Guardians of the Galaxy)

Groot by joie-fatale
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I really like Groot in the movie as he felt like R2-D2's "Nature Form" in his way of speaking where at first you only hear one thing when he talks, but the more you watch/as the movie progresses, you start to understand him.

Also (SCROLL PAST if you don't want your view of this part altered FOREVER) my friend Autumn made a funny notation about the movie:
All those shiny-twinkling-spores? Yeah...that's Groot sperm.
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I've been doing HIIT, and Spin classes a lot as of late. In addition, I've been Wogging (walking-and-jogging...together...it's awesome! Trust me!) and working with weights, especially focusing on my arms through hand-, & kettle-weights, and TRX bands (hurts so good). As you can see from the featured shirt (4): Biceps don't grow on trees! And while I'm not looking to get "swole" or, "jacked" having arm muscle is necessary! Also, I would like to be able to do a pull up...so I need more arm/shoulder/back strength! lol

I loved Guardians of the Galaxy! I hope AoU is as good as last year's two Marvel movies (GotG & Winter Soldier are in my Top 3 comics movies with The Dark Knight...cause that movie really was perfect lol).

Are you stoked to for Age of Ultron? How about any of the other up-coming Marvel releases?


  1. Haha...yes, I loooooooooooooove Groot, he's so brilliant and funny!! Love this :)) xx

  2. GotG was perfect and in my top 3 too! LOL Groot sperm. lol

  3. Oh man, I really loved that movie too! Groot... ^__^

  4. I'm so late but I just watched Guardians of the Galaxy a week ago. I loved it!!

    I have been working with weights more and have considered buying some kettle weights.. maybe! lol

  5. I love that t-shirt!!

  6. Yeah it was expensive when I tried to buy online D: I went to a store and got a small one for $10! So much better.

  7. Woah! That's AWESOME! I've never seen one that cheap!


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