Bender Bending Rodriguez Workout Cosplay

Futurama is a Fatale family staple. We love this show! It's consistently funny to the Tenor and I, even if we've seen it all...more than once! And as for fitness, let's be honest, I wouldn't mind being as strong as Bender, the loveable rascal! ;)
Bender Bending Rodriguez

Bender Bending Rodriguez by joie-fatale featurin
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Also, I LOVE that Hydro Flask bottle! Its evocative of a beer bottle--you know, one of Bender's favorite things EVER,--but this is for water, and, it's 64 oz. which fits the daily "recommendation" of 8 glasses of water. PS. those shorts are for running, and will give you a shiny metal...Bender Bootie! ;)

Bender is a loveable scamp, and one of my favorite Futurama characters!

Have you seen Futurama (if you haven't, its ALL on Netflix)? Who's your favorite character?
If you have someone you'd like to see a workout cosplay of, let me know in the comments, or, tweet me!


  1. Haha...I love him, so funny ;))) Love the music, Shiny Toguns are amazing, seen them live a few times, so cool. Such fab people :)) xx

  2. I'm really digging this outfit! And I kinda really want that hoodie/sweatshirt... Looks awesome.

  3. Thank you! :D Bender is Awesome indeed!!!

  4. Oooh! Jealous! I haven't seen them live yet! they seemed the perfect fit for Bender lol!

  5. YES! Bender 5-ever!!! (more than 4ever lol)


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