Agent Peggy Carter Workout Cosplay

I'm sure you knew today was going to happen. If you didn't know from this post, this video, this one, or this one...or any of my social media feeds, well...hello and welcome to my blog! :)

Today's Workout Cosplay is the stylish, classy, and bad-a$$ Agent Peggy Carter!
Agent Peggy Carter #WorkoutCosplay

Agent Peggy Carter #WorkoutCosplay by joie-fatale
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You may have noticed item number two is none other than the AMAZING Gwen's design! Not only does the shirt look awesome and represent this fantastic fandom, but, all the profits go to Wounded Warriors! So, it's an awesome fandom shirt, for a great cause! Travis also featured this amazing shirt in his Everyday Cosplay of Agent Carter here! You know you want one ;)

I also wanted to share Nina's (of Le Fancy Geek) Agent Carter necklaces, as we as a fanbase are asking: #MakeAgentCarter! They're super cute, and you can get your own here! I'm leaning towards the floral...but the lace is cute too! Decisions!!!
Pic by Nina, from her shop LFGBoutique
Today's playlist was hard in that I'm trying to accumulate songs from the tv show...which not all are available on any one music playlist site--some not at all! So, for this workout playlist, I chose fun swing and big-band songs...and few modern gems cause they fit the general theme (it was so hard not to make an all Puppini Sisters playlist). Hope you enjoy!

IDK if you're watching Agent Carter, if you aren't may I suggest changing that, and checking the show out on Hulu! Travis, Gladys, Gwen and I have a weekly recap of Agent Carter episodes where we gush about the show, and it's presence in the Marvel Universe, and, Nerdom in general! Please check out the videos in the links above, or, below:

And if you like, don't forget to tweet your support for Agent Carter, and, more collectibles & toys featuring her!


  1. I love the necklaces! I think I like the floral one the best too!

  2. Joie, you are too cute in that video! I love the outfit. The tshirt is the coolest.

    Re: Bronzer just gives you a tan look. The one I showcased by Too Faced is very natural, which I like. It's for your face. There are also bronzers for your body. I personally like one by Jergens. It's like a lotion and gives you a healthy glow.

  3. Love watching Agent Carter and am on the edge of my seat about next week.

  4. Peggy Peggy Peggy!

    I have to watch your video when I get home :) :) :)


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