BMO (from ADVENTURE TIME) Workout Cosplay

BMO/Beemo Workout Cosplay

BMO/Beemo Workout Cosplay by joie-fatale
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So, now that I'm practically caught up on Adventure Time (ok, I have finished through season 5), I'm happy to be more in the loop (versus my previous Netflix only experience)! I really do like this show. And BMO (Beemo?) is too adorable for me not to like! I'm a real sucker for cuteness!!!

And, the BMO inspired workout playlist in it's 8-to-16-bit inspired goodness!
I hope you enjoyed this Workout Cosplay!

Do you watch Adventure Time?
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  1. AHHHH!!! This is too cute! BMO and LSP are my favorite characters from Adventure Time.

  2. Omg that BMO hair clip is so cute :D

  3. BMO is just too cute! Love the board you put together Joie.

  4. Right! I want one so bad! Hairbows and head bands are a GREAT way to geek-out a workout ensamble!

  5. Thank you! (there's more where that came from heehee). I have them linked at the top! :)

  6. I love Adventure Time, soooooooo much :))) I have leggings with them on it, haha :))) xx

  7. Awesome! I especially love the music you put in the playlist. =) Daft Punk is always good to workout to.

  8. Thank you so much Danielle! Sorry I was without a computer for a while so I'm slowly but surely going through my emails!

  9. I need some totally rad leggings! They sour so cool!


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