Sandy ("The Sandman") Workout Cosplay

Sandy (The Sandman) from RotG

Sandy (The Sandman) from RotG by joie-fatale
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This is a Sandy inspired workout outfit (with a bit of Pitch to keep it from looking like  Goldmember)!

Sandy is the loveable dream-maker, as inspired by one of the guardians (not those guardians). Sandy is a man of few no words in the movie, and is an extremely powerful hero, who is humble, and thoughtful. He's more the thoughtful strategist of the Guardians. Also, he's the one who can defeat the main villain Pitch (the boogeyman) and, his polar opposite!

You may already be able to tell, I really like this movie! In fact, it is one of my favorite animated movies!

And for my fellow workout-ers (who also may or may not daydream on the treadmill or while pumping weights), a Sandy-inspired playlist!

Hope you liked this Sandy inspired workout cosplay!

Do you daydream when you workout? What do you most often think of? (I tend to think about how much time I've done, and, who I want to cosplay as at SDCC).


  1. Cute outfit! Love that hoodie and those leggings.

    The thing I like most about workouts is that I tend to completely clear my head and just focus on the workout. My brain normally goes about a million miles an hour, so just focusing on the workout for a while is a nice break!

  2. Nice! I catch myself daydreaming in and out of working out. On a treadmill it's easier to both think, and, push myself (set speed=YAY!).

    But if I'm walking with others I try to make sure I keep up!

  3. Thank you! I like them a lot too! (black and gold looks so cool!)

  4. Those leggins are pretty... I have a thing for leggins, you see.... XD

  5. Right? I hope they go on sale sometime, because I DEFINITELY want them!

  6. Thank you Kizzy! Hope you had a great weekend!


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