I love, love, LOVE ABC's Agent Carter! She was one of my favorite parts of Captain America: The First Avenger, and, though I hadn't seen the blu-ray shorts featuring her, I was super excited that she was getting a mini-season on ABC!

I'm really excited to be one of #PeggysPeeps with Travis, Gladys, and, Gwen! On Saturdays, we are recapping Agent Carter together and going over our observations, as well as geeking out together! (#GeekOutTogether!).

During our first talk, we got on the topic of Peggy merchandise; or, more accurately, the general lack there of. And thus, the #MakeAgentCarter tag was born!

So, I ask you, dear friend, to join me in a small (polite) campaign for more availability of Agent Peggy Carter merch!

To make it easy, you can copy and paste the following (there should be about 30-35 characters left):
  "please, #MakeAgentCarter! It would be awesome to have more items featuring her! @AgentCarterTV @Marvel"

OR! Write your own heart-felt plea for Peggy.

Then, tweet to the list of purveyors of some of our favorite collectibles, below!
Disney, Disney Store - I suggest both, as: Disney=ABC! Also, Disney Store, sells/has exclusive Action Figures!
Lego (US), Lego Ideas (Denmark)
Hot Topic
Sideshow Collectibles
Kotobukiya (See their Bishoujo Marvel collection, and, their ARTFX+ figures!)
Diamond Select Toys (they sell and market the Marvel Select Action figures...especially in comic shops. I believe they'd be "in conjunction" with Marvel)
Hot Toys

So, if you're tweeting Lego: "@Lego_Group: Please, #MakeAgentCarter! It would be awesome to have more items featuring her! @AgentCarterTV @Marvel"

If there are ANY companies you want to see on this list, please leave me a comment with who they are, along with their twitter handle, and I will update!

PLEASE remember: Keep it polite! Keep it civil! And try to include either @AgentCarterTV or, @Marvel on your tweets as much as possible! They are the one's who need to hear it most! And, if I've learned anything from the internet (OK, tbh, punk music taught me that first), it is that we, the people, can make things happen!

And dang it: I WANT MY PEGGY MERCH! I mean: who knows! We could end up with another season for her next year! Also, I'd love to see #MakeAgentMay, #MakeStorm, #MakeBlackWidow and others, out there too!

We CAN do this! We can #MakeAgentCarter everything happen!

Check out our Agent Carter chat about Episode 3!


  1. Haven't seen this..must check it out :)

  2. I would LOVE a Hot Toys Agent Carter. I know folks on the messageboard have been asking for one for years!

  3. YES!!! Let's get all things Agent Carter made!!!

  4. Tell them! I'll tweet it too!
    I couldn't find a separate account for Hot Toys. Do they have one? I know they're a part of Sideshow but that's all I found.

  5. They're just a toy company brand that Sideshow sells (like Gentle Giant is a brand, Funko is a brand...) and yes! They have a Twitter and FB account!



  6. YES! Thank you! I will add this to the list! I saw them with Sideshow so I thought "Oh, affiliate..." I'll fix that now! :)

  7. It's such a fun show! I'm truly hoping they make more episodes! And, hopefully, some more collectibles! :)
    I know it's on Hulu here!

  8. I would definitely buy Agent Carter merchandise. I'll definitely have to join in on this!

  9. YAY! Please do!
    I know a lot of geeks are in this boat! And I'm sure there are some youngin's watching the show, just itching for some toys, too LOL!

  10. Ahhh I need to watch this! I keep hearing about it over Twitter.

  11. Please check it out! It's a fun show! If you like it, join us in our attempt for more Agent Carter merch!

  12. I'm actually going to release an Agent Carter necklace next week on my Etsy store! :D

  13. OMG! YAY! Please tweet me the link! And, I hope you have quite a few ;)
    Thank you for making one! (Seriously: EXCITED!!!!!)

  14. So many TV shows that look so interesting! If I get a chance I'll check it out. ^^


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