I Have a Dream...

This speech is the famous "I Have a Dream..." speech by Martin Luther King Jr.

I love this speech, as he addresses that people of all colors, of all beliefs, and all genders be treated as free, and, that one day, we won't even blink at these differences. His crusade was for all people.

This day is a day of remembrance of that.

This day is for everyone! :)

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!


  1. It's one of the best speeches ever!! And some forget that he was for all people that he wanted us all equal and together! Some fight for their own race to have equality and that can't be, we have to fight for everyone to be equal!! He was an amazing man!! Xx

  2. So true! I'm so surprised at that! ALL of his speeches are clear about equality for all...I am miffed at the number of people being taught he didn't fight for this.

  3. It really is!
    It's one of my favorites!


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