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This Fandom Friday post is brought to by the letter N, for (The) Nerdy Girlie, and the letter S for Super Space Chick. And by readers like you

Today's Fandom Friday highlights some of my favorite nerdy accessories! My favorites happen to fall under the "traditional" accessories of jewelry, and hair stuffs!

1). The Phantom's ring from The Phantom
My Precious...
I got this ring from 7-11 back in '96 when the epically underrated movie The Phantom came out! the hero wore a purple suit, and had these boss skull rings! I was sold! My dad grew up reading the comics and such, so he was enthusiastic to take us to see it! Also, Catherine Zeta-Jones is in it as a spunky pilot (if I recall correctly). Also, this ring save my pinkie from being either chopped off, or, completely disfigured in a car door, as it bounced the door off it...while my hand was there. It also thwarted unwanted advances. That's why this baby is my number one!

2). G.I.R. earrings from Invader Zim
While I still have the green G.I.R. in a dogsuit pair, the Robo-G.I.R. twin fell out of my ear somewhere. I like to wear one of each! G.I.R. is one of my all-time favorite characters; so much so, that I got him in tattoo form (is that an accessrory? Cause if so, that's on this list too...).

3). Osaki Nana's ring from Nana

This is cosplay ring, based on Nana Osaki's Vivienne Westwood armor ring. I got this at SDCC 2006 after getting to FINALLY read Nana via Viz's Shojo Beat Magazine. Yazawa Ai (Nana's creator) created one of my fave manga's Paradise Kiss. I found out about the Nana manga via the internet, and when I FINALLY got to read it, it became my favorite manga story EVER (so far). I still hope to cosplay as Nana O. But I'm really hoping and praying that Yazawa sensei will one day finish the story...cause I want to know what happens!!!!

4). Animaniacs bow from Animaniacs, made by NerdBurger Jewellery
I always get compliments on this bow! I love Animaniacs (especially Wakko), and this bow is so cute, and perfect! Cazz makes such fun accessories and this bow was just SOOO perfect!

5). Huntress brooch from DC Comics, made by Batearrang

Though this is one of my newest items, I love the little frame, and the bubbled effect Jessica used on this! It's also the perfect size, and, the way it's shaped, I can also wear it with more formal attire for events with stricter dress codes! Also, it's too cute to boot!!!

6). My Living Locket
I have an Origami Owl necklace, and I love these things! I wish they had more nerdy charms, but, luckily, many folks on Etsy thought the same thing...and they charge less than the O.O. folks do! I attached my little Catbug charm to it (because I want all Catbug, all the time)! I also have the lightning bolt for Harry Potter and Rock 'n' Roll; and, a stack of books that say "Love To Read" because...well, you know. I put mine on a mini shot bead necklace as OO's necklaces, while cute, are too dainty for everyday wear for me. Also, I feel like my chain suits me more, you know?

Anyway, those are my favorite Fandom Accessories!
What are some of your favorite nerdy accessories?


  1. I had no idea you could find OO charms on Etsy!

  2. They are not official, but, they fit in the lockets.
    But, some of them are very awesome! I haven't bought any yet, but I plan on getting a TARDIS one!

  3. You totally rock the chain you punk! I love you! Rock n rock 4eva! I love my Origami Owl necklace too, I'm so bad about wearing my necklaces...I need to have them more visible than hidden in a jewelry box inside my closet, hidden behind coats! xx

  4. Such a great list! I thought about adding my pikachu tattoo.. but I don't know if a tattoo counts. Although, hardly any of my list was actual accessories. :P

  5. Eeeeeee I am OBSESSED with Nana! I used to read it every month in Shojo Beat, and when they stopping serializing it in the magazine I read the rest online. I would love for her to finish the series...though unfortunately I've kinda given up hope. After waiting so long with no concrete updates it's hard to believe :'( I like Paradise Kiss too, but the characters in Nana are so much better I think.

  6. I loved the animaniacs! Dot was the cutest! I had a bookmark with them on it. Cool post Joie.

  7. I used to watch Animaniacs everyday after school with my babysitter in elementary school!

  8. That VW ring has been on my wishlist for the longest time every so often I'll go there and look at all the beautiful things and I was almost tempted to buy one last summer as a birthday gift to myself but they didn't have my size in stock (booooo!) I'd always loved VW but after Nana I think my obsession grew it's definitely one of my faves xoxo

    ♥ Cateaclysmic ♥

  9. I now have the Animaniacs song in my head lol. Such a cute bow

  10. Those items are all so sweet, especially the first ring. ^^

  11. OMG, THE PHANTOM! I had a crush on Billy Zane when I was little because of that movie. :D Loving the Animaniacs bow too! <3

  12. The living locket is the cutest, I want one of those, haha!! xx

  13. YES! I'm with you on that! I want Shin's orb lighter too! My heart beats for it lol!
    the only one I saw in stock in my size was the gold one...but I want the white gold/silver one! My knock off is pretty nice, keep an eye out at cons! It's a great temp replacement ;)

  14. I miss Shojo beat! I donated them to a library I worked at (where they were pretty crappy to me, and I kind of want to steal them all back...but I won't...and that's a really long story of reverse ageism).

    But OMG! Nana is my favorite comic and manga! I don't want to give up on Yazawa-sensei...but I'm only fooling myself :'(

  15. I wasn't sure either.
    And I didn't do my purses/backpacks cause I thought I might do a separate post lol! :D

  16. YES! Mission accomplished! ;)
    Check out Cazz's store! She has such cute stuff!

  17. Thank you! OMG! Kizzy, when/if you get one, PLEASE post about it! I feel like you'll add glitter and magic to it! I bet your's would look fantastic!
    I can't wait to see!

  18. Woot! Since prepping for this post I've been dying to see the movie again! But it's not streaming anywhere lol!
    Since you like the bow, check out more of Cazz's stuff at her Etsy shop! It's all so fun and cute!

  19. Same here! After school that (and it's predecessor Tiny Toon Adventures) was my JAM! I would put homework on pause so I could watch it LOL!

  20. That's my baby! It has seriously save my pinky, and, myself! It only fits my pinky, so I feel legit "Book Pimp" with it LOL!

  21. Dot is adorable! Thank you! I loved Wakko the most! I used to do impressions of him and Pinky...but It's been so long, I'm WAY out of practice lol!

  22. I have the same problem! I forget about them sometimes! Thanks for seeing my meaning about the chain ;) I do like the pretty necklaces, but I'm so casual most of the time lol (PS have you seen the pineapple charm? Psych-Os!).


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