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Fandom Based Resolutions!

This Fandom Friday post is brought to by the letter N, for (The) Nerdy Girlie, and the letter S for Super Space Chick. And by readers like you

My Fandom Resolutions for 2015 go back to my blogging/life resolution of time management. I have more time this year than...well, EVER! I plan on doing a lot more, but I am currently on making those things habits, more than resolutions. But it's the new year, and it's always fun to resolve to do what you've always wanted to do. I put in parenthesis how these resolutions are also involved in my fan girl life!

1). Keep running & physically training!(Cosplay x Hunger Games)- I've been working out with friends this last month and I am seeing results (which is needed for me). I want to keep doing this and add more running to the mix. This also goes in with my last year's goals. But I feel a lot better about this year. (yes, for cosplay, and SDCC endurance).
2). READ! (books, comics, history)- My goodness, 2014 I FAILED in m…

Jack Frost Workout Cosplay

As I stated last week: I ship Jack (Dreamworks' Rise of the Guardians) and Elsa (Disney's Frozen)! I have only seen some amazing fan art of the two, but I kind of love it!!!

Since I have done an Elsa Workout Cosplay, Jack seemed like the natural fit...also I just finished watching both Rise of the Guardians, and, Jack Frost this season, so I had to!!!

Here's the outfit:

Jack Frost (Rise of the Guardians) Workout Cosplay by joie-fatale
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And here is a Jack Frost Workout playlist! Keeping you cool in the gym, or wherever you are working out!

Hope you liked this workout cosplay!

I'm curious:  Do you have any cross studio 'ships? Or any cross studio specials you'd love to see (I'm still hoping for SuperWhoLock myself)? Let me know in the comments, or, on twitter!!!