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My Smart Phone App Necessities (Fandom Fridays)

This Fandom Friday post is brought to by the letter N, for (The) Nerdy Girlie, and the letter S for Super Space Chick. And by readers like you!  
I'm actually looking for a new phone this month, and this makes this week's Fandom Friday post great as far as prioritizing what I want from my phone. My must have apps, are the ones I use pretty much everyday.

**Note: I am an android user, so while I'm sure all of these are available there, the links below are to the Google Play store!

1). Instagram
I love pictures! Especially cats, and food (I actually enjoy food photos). I think selfies are fantastic since I'm a person who actually hates having my photo taken because I want to be in control of my image. But mostly, I like that it's a digital photo album!

2). VSCO Cam / Line Camera

I love cute things and Line camera has such cute stickers and stuff for photos (Seriously, if my life were a comic book, my weakness would be "distracted by kawaii!")! But, VSCO cam…

Workout Cosplay: Mega Man X (Guest Post by Dave)

My brother Dave was kind enough to help me in this month's Guy-vember Workout Cosplays!

In fact he even chose a video game character--which I have yet to do (new goal)! He chose his favorite video game character, and, overall bad-a$$: Mega Man X!

You might recognize Mega Man X as Mega Man, but there is some variation! Mega Man X's story (and consequentially, his video game series) goes a bit more in depth thanks to the Super Nintendo (SNES) system!

Dave writes: "X (aka Mega Man X), the final creation of Dr. Thomas Light and the first of the new wave of free-willed robots called Reploids. A pacifist at heart who is the Saviour of both mankind and Reploids."

X has a lot on his plate, and being the saviour we know he has to be in shape to defeat villains that would otherwise enslave us all, right?

Here is a compilation of Mega Man X (the initial armor) workout gear:

Mega Man X Men's Workout Cosplay! by Dave (grid by joie-fatale)
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And one thing Dave &a…