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A Big Announcement

At the end of September, I will be packing my bags and leaving America’s Finest City, for Florida. That’s right, clear across the country I will be flying and moving to join the Tenor. This has been one crazy summer, let me tell you! Not bad, though! But exciting and stressful! July started with him leaving for training, and then there was Comic con and my first ever (not Halloween) cosplay, and my nephew going to the hospital. And then to wrap-up July/kick-off August, my sister’s twin babies decided it was time to make their debut a month early! This month continues to be crazy as I pack up, say good bye to friends and family; and order a much needed (ok, it’s also a bit wanted hee-hee) DRESSY-DRESS, and a dress for his graduation from training (I’ll be using some blogger’s affiliate links so they can get a kickback, cause: CommUNITY)! I’m excited, and terrified all at once. I’m so excited to see my husband again, but sad to be leaving my city. It’s been such an amazing year! I’ve got th…