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Wednesdsay Workout Cosplay: Princess Tiana

Today's Cosplay inspiration is Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog!

I thought I'd try to utilize my Polyvore account this time around. I'm hoping this helps on any load times for your browsers.

Princess Tiana Workout Inspiration
1) Since we are still hopping into spring, I figure light weight jackets like this Nike one would be nice at keeping the cold out, but not too much body warmth in. 2). I was kind of sad I couldn't find any Tiana Workout shirts, but this "Excuses Suck" one seemed in the vein of Tiana's ethic of "hard work pays off, excuses get you no where." And let's be honest, it's true in goals like working out.  3). I'm a big fan of Capris and I liked how these looked like water reflections--like the water in a bayou! 4). Speaking of water...Since I'm a self-professed water baby, you know I have to throw in a swimsuit! I love this suit's retro cut (albeit from the 50's, not 20's). It looks like it…