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Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Cinderella

This month you may notice a bit of a theme on Wednesday. One might say it's "royally" inspired heehee. I thought I'd have some fun with the Disney Princesses, and do some workout inspired cosplay around them!

Today’s Princess is Cinderella! 
Let's get the party ball started!

Since this is Cinderella, I'm going to start with the running shoes, since Cinderella's main accessory would be that glorious pair of slippers! But these puppies are not made of glass, but, rather, they are strong and tough and ready for TRAIL-RUNNING!!!  Walking and running trails forces you to use your stability muscles, and creating great tone and strength! Also, they are totally in Cindy's colors! (Also this pair isn't available yet)
Next, are these SUPER adorable running sleeves for calves and arms! Amber from The Shiny Happy shared a product from Groovy Baby Action Gear, and I was in love with the store! They're ideal for race costumes, or adding a layer of warmth to you…