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Harley Quinn Workout Inspiration

Good morning Puddin' s!

Today's Cosplay fitness gear features one of my favorite femme fatales. She's just written so well. She's effervescent and evil (but in an oddly innocent way). Crazy, and cute. 
She manages to hold the eye of one the most notorious men ever created--well, better than anyone else at least, other than Bats. And honestly: home-girl is hot to trot!
Yup, we are talking about none other than Dr. Harleen Quinzel M.D., better known by her more notorious--and "surprisingly" apt--moniker Harley Quinn. 
Not going to lie, I had a hard time finding cute Harley items for working out that were...well, affordable/reasonable. But looking at most workout clothes...very little of it is. I decided to share two different looks for this particular villainess (and sometimes least to me LOL).

First I am inspired by the sport I'm jumping back into this week: SWIMMING! Water is the one thing I'm less body conscious. I'm not featuring a…

Weekly Intentions #10

Last week was extremely difficult. The heat has picked up and so have the winds, and you know what that means my fellow marshmallows: ALLERGIES! I even had a very attractive eye-twitch to go with it!

But that's not why we are here, is it?
Here are Intentions this week:
1). Set up for the next day the night before: Our parents teach us this early on in school...elementary eh? But for some reason I have forgotten how to do this. So I've been scrambling in the mornings. It's not fun, and it's a bit frantic. I still make it on time, but, it's still anxiety inducing, and unnecessarily so. But on those nights (rare though may they be) where I do prep, I end up having a chance to breathe before jump in the car on the way to work. So, yeah, this is the must this week!
2). Swim!: I've been telling the Tenor that we should be swimming, and there's a pool about two minutes walk from the school we've been walking/jogging at! I used to play Water Polo (not well, but…

You Should Be Reading...

I've been really grateful for a few posts this week regarding info and research in the universes here, near, and far far away!
This post about breaking into the Star wars Expanded Universe made me ecstatic! I've been looking for a place to start and Have You Nerd has made it easy! I pinned the entry as I'm still at Camp Half-Blood reading Percy Jackson but plan on starting this year. I suggest you check it out too.
Sherlock is (FINALLY) having its series/season 3 US airing TONIGHT. If you want to read a GREAT countdown, checkout TheAdventureisAfoot and read her 15 Days of Sherlock series! It's been making me both more anxious for it to start, as well as giving me a much needed fix for my Sherlock addiction! 
Comic-Con has me hyperventilating every time I even think about it. Last year this time I already had my badge. So yeah I'm freaking out a bit. Luckily The Nerdy Girlie is like my Comic-Con Mr Miyagi! She's been keeping me sane between thispost, and, this o…