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Joker Work Out Gear

I LOVE Purple and Green! They are my favorite colors, and while I have always liked the Joker, I have always thought our affinity for color has given us a bit of a bond. Ok, not really but with the exception of a few incarnations, I have always liked his style.

So, here is a sort of  Joker inspired Workout Wardrobe...and a Wish List:

Let me start with, yeah, this jacket isn't all. But, I DO like Athleta as a brand, and, if you can find this jacket used, it would be great. As spring starts to heat things up, this jacket is uber convenient because if folds into a fanny pack! Holy moley! It fits snugly to your bum, so as you're running, it won't be that uncomfortable.

And of course a running top:
I also like this top because the ruching will detract from my tummy!

And of course, some running capris:
I actually have this pair, and they are very comfy. And yeah, I got them cause they are purple and green.I like them as they are compression, so they stay put and stay …

Weekly Intentions/Goals #9

1.T-25- Keep up the good work! Keep on doing it! 2.Animal Crossing: New Leaf- kind of afraid to look at my town. Need to get down to business on this! 3.Hang-out day- The Tenor and I just need a good old fashioned, no-Telly included hang out day together! I want to make sure this happened Thursday, and so, it’s in the calendar. Oh, and life: “you best not be getting in the way” 4.Lost & Found- lost some washi tape (literally disappeared on me dude). Need to find that sucker! 5.Arms- so it’s going to be a freezing(sarcasm) 80 degrees Fahrenheit **eye-role** here in San Diego tomorrow (seriously, is it January? Or is this a practical joke?). as much as the “winter” is acting like late spring, I guess it’s good as it will remind me to workout my arms for tanks and tee weather…especially since the temperature will a reminder. On a side advertisement note: “Winter weather getting you down? Cold snow and torrential flurries bumming you out this winter? Well, visit sunny San Diego—America’s F…