Workout Cosplay: Zombies! Zombies! AHHH! Zombies!

Want to know a fact about me? One that we (you, dear reader, and I) know is rather silly & embarrassing?

I'm irrationally afraid of zombies.Yes. Read that sentence again, if you must--it's a fact (it's not my biggest fear though...anymore).

That's why back in 2002 the trailer of 28 Days Later haunted me; why I enjoy The Walking Dead as a "radio show" versus watching the screen (except when my favorite MacManus brother is on screen, or I hear sword-slashing-sounds cause #MichonneIsAWESOME); and why Ghoulia Yelps is adorable yet it took me a while to get one of her dolls (for the record: no! I don't think she'll come to life...I just took forever)! I have a conundrum because I can't seem to stomach zombies, yet, I am rather curious about anything zombie related.

Additionally, one of my primary motivations for running (in addition to fitness and, you know, wanting to live through the Hunger Games) is zombies as well: They can't eat what they can't catch!

And with that, today's workout cosplay (just in case I need to blend in)!
Zombie Workout Cosplay

Zombie Workout Cosplay by joie-fatale
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And for your walker-dressed self (well, hopefully more of a "runner" or at least know, so you don't get bit by an actual walker) a living dead themed exercise playlist!

I want to thank you again to Travis, and, Dave for being such awesome guest posters last month! It was great!!! Thank you for making November so much fun!

Also, have you seen IGGPPC's #igglefitness for December? Check it out here!

Do you have any "irrational" fears...that may--or, may not--inspire your fitness goals?


  1. I LOVE shirts from Activate Apparel! I've been browsing the ones on Look Human and have my eye on a few of the Walking Dead ones. My favorite being the one that says "Run like Zombies are behind you & Daryl is waiting for you on his motorcycle"...YES! Here's the link:

    As far as fears and fitness goals go...I'd love to do water sports like kayaking and scuba diving, but I have a terrible fear of dark water or water you can't see through. If really freaks me out-and I have a hard time even stepping my foot in the water.

  2. I really need to get a shirt from Activate Apparel. I want the Run like Oliver Queen is waiting one. My thing with zombies is I would get eaten if I'm in SF during an outbreak. These hills!!

  3. Lolol, the 28 Days Later movie terrified me! I don't mind zombie flicks, but the idea of a zombie being able to RUN AFTER ME was nightmare-inducing.

    Love this outfit! It'd be fun to wear to a zombie-themed mud race :)

  4. Have you ever used the Zombies,Run app? May be fun for you!

    1. My husband had downloaded it and we ran with it once! It was pretty motivating! I should get it again! Thank you for reminding me!

  5. That would be a cool outfit! I love that tshirt Joie! I get scared of them too, but I think if ever encountered ;) we both would kick ass.

    1. LOL!
      Thank you for the vote of confidence Kim! :D
      I think you're right: we would kick so much butt!!!

  6. Oh no! I'm sorry to read that. But I understand wanting to see as the ocean is so vast!

  7. My husband had downloaded it and we ran with it once! It was pretty
    motivating! I should get it again! Thank you for reminding me!

  8. *phew* glad I'm not the only one! I think that was the trailer that made me officially unable to handle zombies (also I hate seeing the knives and stuff stabbing the zombies!).

  9. That reminds me of Zombieland! Got to keep up that cardio lol

  10. I'm not going to lie... I think that playlist is amazing!! Especially since you put in the Horrorpops lol. Love them!


  11. Thank you for asking!! It was a blast! :D


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