Santa Claus (or North from Rise of the Guardians...or Jingle from AC:NL) Workout Cosplay

Today is Christmas Eve (that's Toy Day if you're on Animal Crossing! Which if you are, we NEED to be friends). So I figured it was the perfect cosplay day for Santa...or, Jingle...or North!

3 Santas

If you've not seen Rise of the Guardians, I would like to highly suggest it to you as it is truely very good, and, quite fun. It's not a Christmas/holiday movie. But it kind of "feels" like one. Have you seen it?!?! (Do you 'ship Jack x Elsa? I kind of do heehee!)

Any who, this Workout Cosplay is inspired by the big man in red!

Santa Claus/ North

Santa Claus/ North by joie-fatale12  |  3  | 4  |  5  |  6

And here is a Santa/Jingle/North inspired playlist!:

How about you? Do you have a favorite Santa incarnation (like Robot Santa Claus)? Or a favorite Holiday character (like my family's favorite: Krampus!!!)?


  1. Sexy Santa wear. Hehe
    My favorite Christmas character is the Dentist elf from Rudolph. Lol
    I miss Animal Crossing!!
    Happy Christmas

  2. This is too cute Joie! And festive! Merry Christmas to you doll!

  3. Love it. I'm in the RotG camp >D

  4. YES! It was so good! We rented it last year just to check it out.

    But it hit me kind of hard as I was going through a few things ("who am I", "do I matter" etc.) that Jack went through.

    If I remember correctly, I cried.

    #ISwearI'mNotAnEmoKid lol

  5. Thank you Kim!!! Hope you had a great Christmas as well!!!

  6. I own the movie and cry every time. I feel you


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