Jack Frost Workout Cosplay

As I stated last week: I ship Jack (Dreamworks' Rise of the Guardians) and Elsa (Disney's Frozen)! I have only seen some amazing fan art of the two, but I kind of love it!!!

Since I have done an Elsa Workout Cosplay, Jack seemed like the natural fit...also I just finished watching both Rise of the Guardians, and, Jack Frost this season, so I had to!!!

Here's the outfit:

And here is a Jack Frost Workout playlist! Keeping you cool in the gym, or wherever you are working out!

Hope you liked this workout cosplay!

I'm curious: 
Do you have any cross studio 'ships? Or any cross studio specials you'd love to see (I'm still hoping for SuperWhoLock myself)? Let me know in the comments, or, on twitter!!!


  1. No pun intended Joie, but that is COOL! HaHaHa Love that tshirt and those trainers. Really nice songlist you put together to go along with it. Have a FANTABULOUS 2015 my friend.


  2. Thank you Kim!!!
    I love Rise of the Guardians!!!
    I hope your 2015 is amazing as well!

  3. I've seen some fanart of them awhile back and it was too cute! haha


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