Christmas Jams for Fandom Friday!!!

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As we all know:

And last year, I went over some of my most favorite Christmas songs (and movies) and now I'm trying to narrow it down to five...dang! (Now, only two of these are on my favorite Christmas albums, which I plan on going over as well!)

1). The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole
There are many different versions of this song. Some good, some not so good.
But this version? This is THE version! It is the torch to which all other versions are barely sparks in comparison. From the string section that opens the song, to Nat's succinct & soothing can one not like it? Seriously...HOW?!?!

2). Thankful Heart from The Muppet Christmas Carol

My all time FAVORITE Christmas movie-must-see is The Muppet Christmas Carol! I LOVE the Muppets, but what makes this movie one of my favorites isn't just the fact that they got Michael Caine as Scrooge (actually the main reason I know who he is, is because he got to be in a movie with them) and, to sing in it! The songs are so fantastic, and the Muppets always make me crack up! But this song is particularly great as it's about being thankful...not about baubles, or ribbons or toys, or things. And that's pretty awesome!

3). Christmas in Hollis by Run DMC

This song does not get enough credit! Run DMC gave us a new Christmas classic that didn't fall in the vein of the usual Christmas sound. It was fun! And at the same time there was a story about how Christmas eve happened in Hollis. Also the video above is chock full of 80's goodness! (And let's be honest, you know you still want the adidas shoes they rocked...admit it!).

4). Oi! To the World covered by No Doubt (originally by The Vandals)

Originally by The Vandals on their super awesome Christmas album (I'm going to post about my fave Christmas you'll see more mah-ha-ha-ha-ha!) the song was already a punk rock classic. But then third-wave ska band No Doubt covered this gem, for A Very Special Christmas 3 and the song took off on alt-rock radio stations! I particularly enjoy the horn section, and Gwen's vocals in their rendition! Plus that video is pretty fun too! #GwenabeStill

5). Snow Miser/ Heat Miser Song(s) from A Year Without a Santa Claus

Another favorite/must-see for me, A Year Without a Santa Claus is a stop-motion Christmas movie by the makers of my favorite holiday flicks: Rankin/Bass! This might not technically be a Christmas song (or two christmas songs heehee), but I have to hear it every year! It's not Christmas without it!

Some hard to choose from runner's up:
Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy sung by David Bowie and Bing Crosby- I just heard this today, and thought about how Peace on Earth really applies to today ("every child must be made aware...") and how children today aren't taught to think of's kind of an afterthought. And cause DAVID BOWIE!!!
Hanukkah Blessings by Barenaked Ladies- I was always a little jealous that I didn't celebrate hanukkah (and it wasn't the "eight days of presents") because it's so rich in history, and, I think it's cool that it is still celebrated to this day. 
Baby, It's Cold Outside as sung by Chris Colfer and Darren Criss in Glee because they are in my singing range and I heart them.
Fairytale of New York by The Pogues - I can't believe I forgot this on Friday, but this song is a must sing for my brother and me. It's brilliant and is about how we let things like fairytale's, Christmas, and places we've built up in our minds aren't always what they seem. But mostly, it's about New York.
What are your favorite holiday songs? Also what are your favorite (if any) Christmas albums/compilations?


  1. Yes! Run DMC! I keep reading all these lists and getting annoyed at myself for the songs I left off mine! LOL

  2. Oooo good list! All of these are ones I havent heard of so now I can listen to new ones this year!

  3. YES!! RUN DMC!!! They are on my list too!!

  4. Every time I hear the Snow miser song I think of Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr Freeze

  5. Good freaking list, Joie! That was the first time I heard that No Doubt song!

  6. I love Christmas music, nothing gets you in the Holiday spirit quite like these classic old songs!

  7. I LOVE The Muppet's Christmas anything!! Great pick! xx

  8. i love nat king cole's christmas song. my family always played it. you brought back so many memories with the Christmas Meiser! I remember watching that.

  9. I love the Meisers! IDK why, but I cannot have Christmas without watching The Year Without a Santa Claus! And Nat King Cole's voice is so perfect!

  10. I LOVE the Muppets!
    We rented Muppets Most Wanted and it was HILARIOUS! (also: LOTS of guest stars! Including Tom Hiddleston and Josh Groban)

  11. I love music! Christmas music is crazy fun too!

  12. Oh man I love that rendition! It's so good!

  13. LOL!
    He was so horribly-wonderfully-horribly cheesy as Freeze!
    But I see what you're saying, especially the secret lair!

  14. Woot! Glad I could help! The one I realized I forgot in my honorable mentions was The Pogue's "Fairytale of New York". I love that song, so check it on your list!
    Also I think you mentioned liking Metal (right?). Rob Halford sang "Emanuel" and it's awesome!

  15. RIGHT! I'm editing today cause I forgot The Pogues' "Fairytale of New York" in my mentions!

  16. YES! Christmas in Hollis is so great! I love all these songs...a little too much!


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