Five Fictional Characters I Would Love to Have Over for Thanksgiving (Fandom Fridays)

This Fandom Friday post is brought to by the letter N, for (The) Nerdy Girlie, and the letter S for Super Space Chick. And by readers like you!  
This weeks Fandom Friday asks who would you love to have over for Thanksgiving! I feel as though my list would equal an adventurous Thanksgiving!!!

1). Wonder Woman

So, growing up Thanksgiving was second favorite holiday! The food was good and delicious (and is "home" to one of my favorite foods). But one thing I grew up seeing (and a reason I refused to learn how to cook for many years) was that only the women cooked for the longest time. I feel like Wonder Woman would keep any of that bologna at bay. Plus, any after meal games to be played (REAL FOOTBALL, the false football, whiffle ball, or Apples to Apples) she could be on my team and that means: I win! ;)

2). The Lumberjanes Crew
Cause let's be honest, an adventure after such a large meal is just a good idea! And, BONUS! They could help me get a hold of my Black Friday purchases with not so much as a scratch...or at least a zany magical encounter! Thanksgiving to the max!

3). The Flash
Well, someone's got to cook, right? And there's no one I'd rather have in the kitchen because even if the food takes long regardless of the chef's speed, Barry...I mean the Flash would be able to do the dishes, and make the kitchen spotless all while cooking. I feel like this would be an awesome choice cause I don't want to set foot in the kitchen! Also, with that quick of a wit, jokes and board games would be a blast!

4). Albus Dumbledore
art by ghwalta

Stories, tales, and just awesome company. I always feel like he would be an awesome fictional character made real! Having butterbeer, tea or cocoa with him over some good food! That would be awesome!

5). Thursday Next
Thursday Next (R) & her mentor Ms. Havisham (L)
by aliceazzo

My favorite character, from my favorite series ever. Also, a regular bad-a**! Also, maybe her mom could send her with a Battenberg Cake which (thanks to this series) I have always wanted to try!  And maybe...just, maaaayybe, she could jump me into fiction so I could visit Hogwarts (that's how we bring Dumbledore along for food see?).

Who do you wish you could have over for Thanksgiving?


  1. Dumbledore would make such a great addition to thanksgiving! I can't believe I didn't think to add him to my list.

  2. A list as awesome as I would expect it to be! You know Dumbledore would be the life of the party and I love your reasoning with Barry, lol. Just make sure he makes plenty of extras for that metabolism of his... :)

  3. Nice touch with having The Flash cook the food!! Haha... great list. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. This is a great list, I really need to read Lumberjanes.

  5. Ooh, love the idea of adding Dumbledore! Really, almost anyone from the HP universe seems like a good Thanksgiving guest (well, besides the villains, but still).

    I love your reasoning for Wonder Woman too. I remember a Thanksgiving dinner a few years ago where I was told it was a woman's duty to cook and such. I was not having it and you're so right that Diana wouldn't put up with it either!

  6. Yes, Wonder Women :))) I'd have Dumbledore as well. Spiderman too for my girls who love him. There are masses I would have, haha :)) xx

  7. Wonder Woman would be a great guest! She would have a ton of stories to share!

  8. I was always a fan of wonder woman! She was so cool!

  9. Oh yes, Dumbledore would make for a great dinner conversation!!! Hmm... Who else would I invite? Darth Vader... I wonder how that would go lol.


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