Black Friday Purchases I Would Sacrifice a Night of Sleep For (Fandom Friday)

This Fandom Friday post is brought to by the letter N, for (The) Nerdy Girlie, and the letter S for Super Space Chick. And by readers like you!  

Today's Fandom Friday are things I'd be willing to traverse the madness of Black Friday to acquire!
Black Friday

1). Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (ideally in pink!)
I like pink on electronics! IDK, but I do! As I've gotten older I've started to appreciate pink a bit more. And I think this one is just cute! I like the pen and the larger screen! I want one so bad!!! But I haven't seen it on Best Buy just yet. I might settle for the Note 3
But seriously...the pink one!

2). Wii U (Mario Kart 8 Bundle)
I want it so bad! I love Nintendo and I like that it will play my Wii games and I don't have to start all over with my game collection (PS4 and Xbox One: Y U no do this 2?). I don't know if I'm a gamer or not...but I like the video games I like...and those are usually the easy ones (and Assassin's Creed!!!)!

3). Copic Markers Figure Drawing Wallet
If you like to draw, or doodle, or even color, there is a good chance these mutha-truckers are on your "Treat Yo' Self" list somewhere! Seriously, they are great and as a person who has to mix crayons/pencils/marker consistently to get something even resembling (but still not exactly matching) my skin tone! I would love to get--at the very least--the skin tone set! (But expensive!)

4). Sailor Moon Season 1 (part 1 & 2)

Truthfully, I'd save this for "Cyber Monday" but, still, Sailor Moon!!!! Do I need to go into this any further?

5). Disney Infinity Super Heroes Starter Kit
I like Disney infinity's open toy box and mini games and the overall appeal! It's cute, and the collector in me loves the little figurines (though, I really hope they go down in price sooner than later). I actually did get this from Wal-Mart, as it was $37 and that's just great!

What are your Black Friday desires?


  1. I was looking at the Copic Marker set today! They're so awesome... but WOAH! Expensive... $250 here in Australia!

  2. I know! So expensive! I know they are great quality, but still!

    I still want them.

  3. I'm looking at that Wii U bundle because we only want it for Mario Kart and Smash Bros. I Just need the price to drop a bit more. Also, watch out for the Blu Ray sets of Sailor Moon. I've been reading terrible, terrible reviews. =(

  4. Nice! I'd add Disney Infinity to my list too!

  5. That Samsung is really nice!

  6. I've always purchased pink electronics :) & I would so love to play the new Mario Kart, I can come over right?! xx

  7. I love pink, and that phone is a perfect shade! Hot pink or bright pink electronics are obnoxious and not cute, IMO. (Don't want to channel Umbridge, either.) As for me, I need a new camera and a new computer! MacBook Air, here I come!

  8. Such cute items, love the pink phone, so precious!! Mine is just black and I have a cover on it, i need a new one at that, ha. Happy 1st of December doll xx

  9. A Wii U is also on my wishlist! I think we're going to wait until they go down a bit further in price, though. Still kind of hefty! And good grief, how could I forget to include Sailor Moon in my list???


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