Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Green Arrow

Today's Workout Cosplay is Green Arrow! I'm so happy that Arrow season 3 has started! And I am excited that the island is pretty much done with! I can't wait to see what all is in store!

Green Arrow

1). Oliver Queen Tee- Why yes, yes I will run faster! And pass him just so I can be as bad-a$$!
2). Green Shorts- Because matching is key and you need to have pockets for goods like having to escape from villains!
3). Green Arrow Bow- Adding a cute accessory that won't get in the way, and has a Green Arrow flair makes me ready to parkour! OK...I'm not really ready...j/k
4). The Quintessential Green Hoodie!- Your not "the Hood" without a hoodie, right?
5). Uber Training Shoes- Light on your feet for running, jumping and being straight up AWESOME!
6). Running Support- Keeping things butt-kicking ready so nothing gets in your way.

One of the things I liked about Green Arrow is the social commentary. I also REALLY like that the show doesn't shy away from comments about the differences between the rich and poor; race; and, corporate greed! So...maybe the playlist here reflects that!

One last thing:

Yeah...I don't know if I will ever be able to do that! But its cool as heck!


  1. This outfit makes me want to hit the gym right now!

    1. Do it!!! That way you can be done before Arrow tonight ;)

  2. I think I need that tank top! Haha.. and that bow is adorable. I can't wait to see his adventures in Hong Kong and of course, Katana!

    1. I figured a Bow with an arrow was a nice play on I love bows! I can't wait for Katana too!!!

  3. I'm so behind on that show... It's awesome! If I had his fitness level.... *__* I need to work harder!

  4. I love this show, so amazing. Can't wait for it to start here soon. And so glad to be done with the island as well, haha :) This was great :) x

    1. Yes! I think they ended with the island at a great point! They didn't drag it out, nor cut it too short! Let me know what you think of the new season!
      (side question: When does your season start?)


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