Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Yoruichi Shihouin

I'm back! I'm trying to have a few posts set up since I will be moving at the end of the month! And while I pack up I've been catching up on BLEACH!!!

I remember watching the anime back in 2008 and being super excited that I recognized my favorite Power Ranger's voice as the main character, Ichigo: Johnny Yong Bosch (seriously, he was the ranger I crushed on while everyone else was all about Tommy)!

Any who, I LOVED this show! And catching up has been awesome! And a few episodes in a cute talking cat shows up, and I was SOLD!

As it turns out, the cute talking cat ends up being my favorite character in the show: Yoruichi Shihouin! 
FACT: She has purple hair!
FACT: She turns into a cat!
FACT: She's a fighting bad-ass!
FACT: she's effing cool!

Also, she was the first anime character since like, Sailor Pluto who was dark skinned. The realization of that also seared her into my favorites list as it was a). something I didn't even realize would impact me on that level and, b). she was a character I wanted to be like too!

And with that, here's the cosplay workout gear!

Yoruichi Shihouin

1). Mesh open back tank- I used the black one of this tank for Meleficent, but if you've ever seen Bleach you know that an open back tank would have to be involved! Bad ass chick, has awesome shoulders!
2). Purple Headband-Ok this is a fancy headband, but it's the perfect purple, and I would use it to workout regardless! And it's the perfect purple for her hair! I love it!
3). Running Kicks- these will keep you quick on your feet, whether you're running, or, doing shunpo/flash step!
4). Yoruichi badge- motivation on your exercise gear push yourself and be the best!
5). Compression Capris-These compression capris will keep your muscles together and working! Also, compression helps prevent fatigue, so, they will be
6). Sports Bra- I have this particular sports bra and let me tell you: it is SOOOOO comfy!! Seriously! It's the best! And it comes in a cute tangerine color! It's got AMAZING support and coverage, but doesn't feel like like it would.

And of course, here's the playlist! YAY!

Last but not least, a workout to get you Flash Step ready!

A good agility booster (in addition to stairs, and sand running) is an agility ladder. Here's a few to look at!

Have you seen Bleach? Who's your favorite character?
Better late than never, eh? And just under the Wednesday wire!


  1. Cool outift.
    I also like Yoruichi, she's pretty cool. In human and cat form! ^__^

    1. Right?
      She's one of my FAVORITE anime characters EVER!!!
      And that hair!?!?!?

  2. Only have watched a handful of episodes of Bleach, the amount of episodes is kinda intimidating! But anywho, we're moving buddies! I'm moving during the week of the 25th. :D Good luck and hopefully it's relatively stress free.

  3. Hey, JYB all the way! I was lucky enough to randomly catch an Eyeshine show awhile back too! But I never actually liked Bleach. Trigun on the other hand.......

    1. Oooooh! Vash!!!!
      How was Eyeshine? JYB has to be my FAVORITE voice actor!!!

  4. I don't think I've watched more than an episode or two of Bleach, I feel like I probably thought I was too old and cool for anime anymore by the time it started airing. LOL
    However, this is a cute outfit! :D

    1. LOL
      I've never been cool, and the thing I loved about most anime is it was intended for an older audience.
      I DO wish the fight scenes weren't like 3 episodes long though.
      But I LOVE Bleach's use of Spanish, Italian and English in it's story line. AND I love how diverse the characters are! It's cool because the Shinigami and Hollows are from all over the world! LOVE IT!

  5. I have seen very little of Bleach, but I love Yoruichi too. For a lot of the same reasons you so!


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