Wednedsay Workout Cosplay: Super Saiyan Mode!

Today's WedWorkCos is not on one character, but a race. I am basing it on my newest hair style change:
*insert menacing laugh*
Any who, I've been busy with some Comic Con prep, plus a huge lifestyle change since my hubs left for the military. Also I'm stepping up my workout game cause I want to surprise him at his graduation!

So I'm going: SUPER SAIYAN MODE!!!!!!!!!!!

That's right! And that's part of the reason I've been bad at keeping up with things. I'll be back in full swing once I work some things out--especially myself :D

I liked playing a few of the Dragonball/Dragonball Z games, but didn't really watch the show except for the fight sequences cause they were soooo frigging awesome! Which is funny, because the fights were also why I didn't watch the show since they lasted a bit too long for my preference. But my brothers watched it!

Any who here's some workout cosplay inspiration!

Super Saiyan

1). Super Saiyan Mode tank: People are always saying beast mode...I say: SUPER SAIYAN MODE...well, I mean...from now on of course. Can you blame me?
2). Wristy-cuffs: wipe the blood/sweat/tears away with this wrist bands while you run, or fight spar!
3). Senzu beans necklace: I wish Senzu beans were real! They give energy and restore physical health. Maybe with them, I could run a whole marathon! But since they're not, and this is a cosplay, at least this little token can be around your neck, or, you could attach it to your keys while you workout...just to be safe ;)
4). Capris: These are not too overly orange ("mango" is the color) and really bring together the color scheme. They are also dri-fit material so they'll keep you cool and not all swampy!
5). Flyknit Kicks: So these I thought were really interesting because they are shoes, that have an inner sock (NOT to be confused with "don't wear socks with these") that supports your arch, but, also allow greater flexibility for heel to toe movement. In other words nice and soft--like Goku's shoes!

And of course: PLAYLIST!!! Which ended up being mostly electronic this time...IDK why, but I felt it more Dragonball-y fighting...or something.

Have you seen Dragonball (any of them)? Who was your favorite? Or, do you have a memory of this show, even if you didn't watch?


  1. Love the playlist!! Dragonball Z is awesome xx

  2. I've been watching the original Dragon Ball series with my housemates recently, it's so fun! Kid Goku is the best!

  3. Love Dragon Ball, but mostly for the comedic factor it can unintentionally have, haha. Also, all the memes and jokes online make it even better. Another awesome Workout Wednesday!

  4. Loving the hair. Good luck with your comiccon plans!

  5. Nice choice this week. Dragonball Z was one of my first anime growing up. And yes, Nike's Flyknit series is pretty genius. It's as if your foot has a second skin.

  6. Love the hair! And the outfit is so perfect, I loved DBZ as a kid!


  7. Cool hair colour!
    The work out outfits are awesome as usual. Thanks to one of your last posts I ended up buying the yellow Wolverine tee. It's awesome!!! ^___^


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