Joie Reacts To: Kids React To I was trying to fix my computer Tuesday and that didn't work so well (thanks chrome plug-ins..and my bad luck).
Please note...this is intended to be a humorous post, so don't take me too seriously, eh?

But when I FINALLY got my computer working, I had no time but for one thing: this here video, to which I was LAUGHING hysterically...and thinking rather cynically!

To which I had these reactions (NOTE: I was laughing...and was pissed at my computer for not working properly), that I hope you enjoy:
1:25- you wouldn't even know what AMAZING is...darn kid
1:55-argh! Apps?!?! argh!
2:23- THAT's the reaction we had when we first played ours
3:06- WHAT?! mom stayed up a whole night on that game...ok, it bored me too as a kid. You get a pass here.
3:07- " it, but also hate it"=the EXACT reaction I have to Tetris to this day
3:10-'s a mom/dad/parent game isn't it? (refer to 3:06)
3:16-You're right little girl, because pixels are cool!
3:17- see: comments from little girl at 3:07,and my shared sentiments
3:24- Video guys!!!!! You've got some explaining to do on this old game!
3:29- Duh!!!!
3:32- No little kid! I feel sorry for YOU!
3:47 to 4:04- I understand the confusion
3:59- been there...done that
4:31- you've got me there kid...
4:49- seriously?! They got me there too.
4:54- you know who else is a piece of junk? Your parents! For not showing you this before, even if only on the internet!
5:08- And Nintendo deserves historical respect for that very reason!
5:19- you make me sad ;'(
5:43-I hate you
5:54- No! You're Stupid! (j/k)
6:16- High five!
6:25- High five!
6:33- PREACH!

Boy in orange shirt, girl in purple shirt, and boy in green shirt: tell your parents that they have done well.
They have done well.
(if you can't tell I'm joking...hell, I don't even know what to tell you cause clearly: I'm joking).

This video SERIOUSLY made me feel I went to bed cause I was too tired from the feels :P
How about you? Did you have any reactions? Do you feel old? Don't you wish you still had your original Game Boy (for those of you that don't)?


  1. Oh man! I still have mine, and my Gameboy Pocket. I showed the original Pokemon Red to my niece the other day. She loves the new Pokemon, but it took her awhile to get it. She just kinda stared at the screen like it was some alien technology and then slowly was like, " IS THIS POKEMON?" To her credit she likes it now. She's one cool kid.

    1. hahaha! I was just REALLY pissed my computer was being a douche. Kids are cool! I love them! This video actually had me laughing while thinking the thoughts above. I felt bad for them...and OLD!!!

  2. This made me laugh way too much. I still have my Game Boy Color and other ones!!

  3. I have my gameboy in a carrying case with like 7 games in it. I feel old.


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