Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Wolverine

Back from a week "off" let's get fierce today eh?
Like...Wolverine fierce!
Let's get 'em. Let's shred 'em.
Wolverine is one of my brothers' favorite X-Men. Me...not so much. In fact he's my least favorite...
**ducks whatever your throwing at me**

Don't get me wrong, I do like some things about him. Like, who doesn't want that healing factor? Do you know how much criminal butt I would try to kick? Or the boss skeleton upgrade? Heck yeah, I'd take that too. He's also Canadian. And I quite fancy the fact that Hugh Jackman plays him in the movies...mostly due to the fact that Hugh Jackman is a musical dude.

That's right, not only was he in Les Mis, but also Oklahoma, and The Boy From Oz! I like that Wolverine's Marvel Cinematic Universe (oops!) movie incarnation is portrayed by a man who is practically his antithesis. Tall, ridiculously good looking, sings and dances, and is kind of dorky (in that adorable way), also Hugh seems easy going. Wolverine doesn't strike me as that. At least, the vision I've always had of him was not as such. But you know what he is, not matter what? 

A Bad Ass--plain and simple. He'd make a GREAT trainer/coach...unless you're a crier, in which case, don't join his team.

So with 28 days left til comic con, let's imagine that Good Ol' Professor Logan is also our gym coach...and if we don't do our workouts, the man is going to be pissed off. But do we go with classic burgundy, or the renowned blue?


1). Wolverine Shirt- pretty much a dead ringer for tees for this guy, and I really like the yellow version the best! It feels just right!
2). Compression Shorts- these shorts are perfect for running, lifting, and jumping and everything! I also like that the waist band is going to fit with the two different Wolverine versions!
3). Headband- you gotta keep your hair out of your face when you workout, and this is the headband to do the job!
4&7). Crosstraining glovePower lifting glove- the blue is good for weights, as well as bike riding, while the gold are for focused weight training. But more than anything, the gloves have fins on them, and they kind of look like Logan's claws!
5&8). 20 lb &25 lb Kettle bells- depending on your weight of choice (or, Wolvie of choice) Kettle bells are amazing since they are not just for strength, but, give you a workout similar to cardio, and 1are great for toning abs!
6&9). CrossFit shoes in Blue, &Burgundy- These shoes will provide great balance for your lifting, or running! And you can color coordinate!

And here's a Wolverine Playlist:

Last week I was off of computer, and workout (I feel bad as I was dead tired) but am trying to amp up again this week! This is the exact workout I do (parts one and two)

Have you ever used Kettlebells before? Do you incorporate weights into your health routine?


  1. You go girl!!! Love this one & the two different color versions! xo

    1. Thank you! I couldn't decide which Wolvie too pick lol

  2. Don't worry, I'm not the biggest Wolverine fan either! I've always liked Scott Summers a bit more and everyone just remembers his portrayal in the movies as this super whiny dude, haha. Do'h. :/ Great work-out again, though!

  3. Love it!! I like Wolverine, though he's not my favourite either, haha! But, he is cool. Super workout doll :) x

  4. That t-shirt... I must have it... I must have it, now!

  5. I like Wolverine but probably Hugh Jackman more hahah I've started her 30 day shred and used some weights in it. Those Kettlebells look impossible for me at this point LOL 5 minutes in I can imagine myself swinging it and letting go !!!!!

    1. I have this insatiable desire to impress Jillian Michaels...I find it strangely motivating.

  6. Okay, I feel a little bit better for missing my workouts this week. I've never tried a kettelbell workout, but I do use weights in my arm workouts twice a week.

  7. This is a really cool idea! I love it! Also i need to get off my butt and workut too!

    Evon Von

  8. I've always found it difficult to relate to Wolverine. Though I really enjoyed reading the Origin story comic (I forgot who did it). I think Wolverine is a good choice for workout cosplay, because the guy is so ripped it hurts looking at him (a good and bad thing).

  9. I've never used a kettle ball before, but I always hear good things about them. I'll have to check it out because I'm all about anything that lets me workout from home :)

  10. Awesome!! I love Wolverine :)
    you've done a great job

  11. I like those sneakers! Don't worry Joie, I'm not a big Wolverine fan either.

  12. I like Wolvie, but he's def not my favorite x-men. I really like the shirt though and I like Five Iron Frenzy's Oh Canada being on the playlist LOL

    1. YES! I was hoping Someone would mention FIF being on the playlist! I have many fond memories with their music from road trips to concerts of the band itself!
      You just won Five--hundred--Iron Frenzy bonus points (sadly not redeemable anywhere currently but still: POINTS!)

  13. I always look forward to your workout cosplays! They're so great~ ^^^

    Btw I totally added one of your buttons to my blog. Button Swap?? :o

  14. Oohhh, kettlebells are perfect for Wolverine! I'd be terrified to have him as a trainer 0_0.


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