Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Dora, the Explorer

Oddly enough, I've heard something Dora related EVERY. DAY since last Wednesday! Maybe not that odd, but still...

My mum was a day care provider until I was a Freshman in high school. Combine that, and already apparent addiction to cartoons, and it was only natural that I was a Nick Jr. (NJ) fan--regardless of my age. Eureka's Castle, Blue's Clues, Gulla Gulla Island and Dora were my sick day shows! Maybe it was their simplicity, and a complete lack of flashing animation, but I found them relaxing (especially Blue's Clues...I still frigging love that show). Dora came out after the daycare years, but I still watched NJ on my sick days (ok, I still would if I had cable).

1). HeatGear shirt - perfect for the jungle, or, you know, that trail by your house! Explore this summer, and don't worry about the heat!
2). Wasatch Mochila- this day pack matches Dora's but is lightweight for running whether it be pavement, or a trail, and has pockets for your water bottle, and, can safely house your laptop too (in case you have to run to class or work).
3). GPS Mini Running Watch- Dora always has her trusty map, but if you're looking to gauge how far you've run/walked, this watch will be much less cumbersome!
4). Sweatband- Dora's signature accessory (besides her backpack) is her little bracelet. But, when your working out a watch and sweatband are usually all one can tolerate for "bracelets". Also, I find these puppies convenient for the occasional wiping or the forehead.
5). Crossfit Nano- So, while Dora's shoes are white, I wanted to bring a bit more color. Also I think these shoes look better! These are nice and breathable so your feet will stay nice and cool!
6). Running Shorts- I really like these shorts and they come in SOOOO many COLORS!

I liked Dora the Explorer for a few fairly simple reasons. Dora teaches kids (and adults) another language! Additionally, growing up in the 80's most POC characters were sidekicks not the star of a show, and that was a kind of shock to me about Dora, even in High school (a good one, but a shock all the same). And, of course: the GIRL adventurer aspect. This show easily could have had a male protagonist (only the cheap imitation spin-off did five years later). But, boys and girls alike love this show! Kids I baby-sat thought of this show as their jam!

I have seen the bottom corner face on a two-year-old...just saying.
And last but not least: BOOTS!
cute talking monkey + little boots= my <3 td="">
And to wrap things up, a "RUN from Swiper" playlist!

Do you have any favorite "little kid"/"Sick Day" shows that YOU watch?


  1. I used to work with a guy who swore I looked just like Dora. Was never sure whether to be insulted or not.

  2. My youngest watches Dora & sometimes Diego as well. Anytime her older sister tries to take something of hers, she says 'swiper no swiping' over and over, haha. It's really cute. I sit and watch them with her as well, I always like the songs, haha. It's Nick Jr. all the time in my house. Sometimes we watch Scooby Doo or My Little Ponies as well :))) xx

  3. Your playlists are always so clever!! U are awesome girlie!! xo

  4. I've always liked Dara! That watch is cool.

  5. Gullah Gullah Island was my jam! I loved it and still know the theme song. >.<

    Dora taught me Dutch! When I lived in Holland, I watched it all the time with English subtitles and it along with other cartoons helped me improve my Dutch. I will forever be grateful to that little adventurer!

  6. My nieces were obsessed with Dora when they were little! I also loved Blue's Clues!


  7. Dora! Yet another cute outfit... Which reminds me, I better get started on my squats... >__<

  8. I love all of those old shows. I only remember watching a little of Dora with my little sister lol

  9. This one's aDORAble, HA!
    I have a blanket that has Dora and Boot's that say's "aDORAble".
    This is one of my favorites though!!


  10. I used to nanny during the summers so I became too involved with a lot of kids' tv shows :) Love the post!

  11. Dora! Haha! My daughter loves Dora the Explorer. After watching so many episodes, my life has become one big mish mash of all the Dora songs. Everything can be put into lyric form and fit into the songs.


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