Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Alison Hendrix

Last year at Comic Con the Tenor's and my friend told us to checkout Orphan Black! She sold us the first season which we marathon-ed the following weekend.

I adore all the clones--yes, I am looking forward to learning more about Rachel--but for some reason Alison consistantly surprises me, but, not in an "out-of-character" way. This is such a GREAT testament to the writing and acting of this show! I love how all the clone have a little bit of crazy, and, three-big-scoops of bad-a$$ery in their genetic make-up!

While season two is well into it's stride, this past weekends episode reminded me why I love Alison Hendrix!

Basically this scene sealed the deal for this Workout cosplay:

All 3 images via
This scene (also featuring my beloved Felix) nearly cause me to fall of my couch from laughter! And so...Alison!!!
Alison Hendrix from Orphan Black

1). Run Swiftly Tee - I swear I saw this shirt on the show...but in longsleeve! AND I saw it on Alison! And While I wish LuLuLemon would change a few things (especially their prices) I like that detail as it can be really slimming. 
2). LunarFly Shoe - These running shoes are cute, super lightweight, and cushioned! It also has GREAT reviews! 
3). DNA Strand Charm - So while the clones have matching cellphones, I feel like this charm would be something Alison would find cute after she warmed up to an ironic little item such as this. It would look great on a necklace, or charm bracelet!
4). Moisture Wicking Headband- It wouldn't be Alison without a headband! And this cute little headband has a braided knot for detail and it happens to take moisture away. But mostly its Pink! ;P
5). Sonic Capris- these capris are great, and they help sweat evaporat, and are uber lightweight (I LOVE capris for working out).
6). Short Bra Top- This is a sport bra, meets tank! Racerback with preppy stripes? Sounds like this was made for Seestra Alison!

So back in Season 1, Alison is seen doing a Shaun T workout: Hip Hop Abs
wurk it gurl!
Now, you may know (if you're following me on Instgram) that I am doing T25, which is by the same dude. He also did the ludicrously popular Insanity (which is as it's title suggests: INSANE). I have yet to do Hip Hop Abs, but thanks to YouTube, I will by trying! And now, you can too! ;)

And of course, our playlist...which is an tongue-in-cheek pop list. You know, on the outside she's little miss Soccer Mom...but she will cut someone (and she packs heat! Gangsta!). (I also feel bad for not including a certain song that I used last here's the video!)

Do you watch Orphan Black? Do you have a favorite clone? Or, are you like me, and have equal opportunity Clone love? 
If you have not watched OB yet: STOP what you're doing, and go do so!


  1. I am loving Alison and Felix's relationship this season. And that workout gif... lol!

  2. Yet again a cool outfit! I really need to improve my workout wardrobe lol. ^^

  3. I love Orphan Black, they are so funny and brilliant!! I also do Hip Hop Abs, it's brilliant, so much fun too, not boring like some exercises are!! Sean T makes me laugh!! Super super xx

  4. I've never watched it, but it seems hilarious. Love that pink workout wear Joie!

  5. I love Orphan Black and all the clones. That show is just amazing.. love how she's able to pull each character off! haha. I think I'll try out Hip Hop Abs.. as long as there's no dying. Insanity sounds terrifying LOL

  6. I loved the first season but I have missed this season. Must binge watch soon OnDemand. I like all the clones, but love Felix

  7. LOVE The Veronicas :) Saw them with The Click Five back in the day! Plus Weezer is always a win!! xo

  8. I love all the clones, but Allison is a favorite of mine. She always cracks me up!

  9. Love Alison! That moment in season one where she's working out to Shaun T made her one of my favorite clones. Shaun T all the way!

    Love the outfit and the playlist!

    1. That was awesome! I had done Insanity so I knew that man's face LOL!


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