Lumberjanes: A Tiny Review & Playlists!

LumberJanes L to R: Ripley, April, Jo, Molly, Mal
If you're looking to pick up a comic sereies RIGHT NOW, may I highly recommend Lumberjanes!!! Other bloggers have recommended the series, and I immediately picked it up, especially Cazz from Nerdburger whose review can be found here, and Gwen of A Geek & Her Oven whose review is here!

Like the ladies above, I love Lumberjanes' genuine use of girl's kicking butt and having fun action! It reminds me of Powerpuff Girls x Scooby Doo x Buffy, and--as another review noted--a little bit of Ann M. Martin's Babys-Sitter's Club for measure!

I like the comic's style as it colorful, and on the zanier side. The second those three-eyed foxes showed up in issue one, the series pretty much stole my heart!

Fox Fight!!!

The comic also has an all inclusive feel with diverse characters who all get along and have friendship as their glue (a la the BSC). No character comes across as a "token," either! Each of these young ladies is a person who contributes to the group, making up their solid 20 percent of the group! This is such a refreshing element to me. Each character is well balanced, and has her own specialty. In the most recent issue (number three) I swear I heard the Doctor saying to Molly "...I've never met anyone who wasn't important." Also, Ripley--the youngest, and most hyper of the 'Janes--gets thrown in a "Fastball Special" (which happens to be 1 of 5 things that I actually like about Wolverine). This is totally a comic for comic lovers, and, newbies a like though (don't let the references scare you, let them inspire you, young padawan).

At the end of every issue, I feel like I've earned a merit badge along with Jo, April, Mal, Molly and Ripley! (I should make some! Someone on Etsy needs to get on that, stat! LOL).

While I would read this series based on all of the things above, you know what signed, sealed, and, CEMENTED the deal?

Those Playlists! If you've been here with you friendly neighborhood Joie for a while you know I love me a good PLAYLIST/MIX TAPE! (Even though I'm not a T. Swift fan/person/respector at all, the playlists are BOMB!)

In short I would HIGHLY recommend picking up Lumberjanes. Especially to those of you who are tired of just toeing the water, and are looking to jump in the pool!

Here are the playlists from one and two (except in 2 I took out Avril Lavine...because she is my enemy and if my life were a video game, she'd be the penultimate boss battle I'd fight). Also Fefe is luv!

Fox Fight Jams:
Fox Fight Jams by Joie_Fatale on Grooveshark

River Adventure Mix of Doom:
River Adventure Mix of Dooooooom! by Joie_Fatale on Grooveshark

I'll get to volume 3 later...
Have you read Lumberjanes? What comics are you reading now?


  1. Been hearing so many positive things about Lumberjanes but most of the comic book shops around me don't have it! :( But I'll still listen to the playlists, lol.

    1. What!?!?
      That's not cool! If you can get it do! It's really fun! Totally girl powered!

  2. Today the Lumberjanes #2 reissue is coming out, so you could luck out!

    1. Yeah! My comic store guy said he'd holdn onen for me! I've been peeking around the webs at it in thw mean time hee hee 😶

  3. Love the playlists! I want to start reading Lumberjanes, but my comic shop didn't have the first issue, and I'm even having trouble finding it online (for a good price). I started my subscription with Issue Two though lol. Maybe I should just suck it up and buy the first copy digitally so I can start reading it :) I've been reading Rat Queens, Ms Marvel, She-Hulk, Deadly Class and Sex Criminals- all very good!

    1. Nice! The only two I'm not reading are Deadly Class, and, Sex Criminals.
      But, I've heard a LOT of praise for the latter!

  4. I can't find it either! I'll check out the comic book shop next to my parent's house when I visit them this week. Or I'll just buy digitally. I'm currently reading Rat Queens, Ms Marvel and still making my way through Saga. I want to pick up She-Hulk and Harley Quinn!

  5. Never heard of it, will have to check it out though, looks like one I would enjoy :) xx

  6. I keep hearing about it! I really want to get my hands on it.

  7. I am dying to start this. I have to order everything online. Can you believe that there are ZERO comic book stores around me!? NONE. -_-


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